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Animal Kingdom: Can You Predict Who Makes it to Season 4?

The Cast of Animal Kingdom. Instabamm

Animal Kingdom’s gripping season 3 finale has left fans guessing.

American crime drama, Animal Kingdom, based on an Australian film of the same name, is perhaps one of the most gripping cinematic TV series presently in production. In the very recent aftermath of the third season, the internet runs hot with gossip.

The suspense in the finale of season 3 was so intense that it has put fans totally on edge, absolutely begging for details about season 4.

Everyone is more than curious about future casting and what will transpire. But…who will actually make it to the next season? That’s the million-dollar question.

We can only guess…

Animal Kingdom Brothers Instabamm

Craig, Jake and J Cody from Animal Kingdom. Source: TNT

Listening to the buzz on the internet, most think Nicky (Molly Gordon), who was saturated with blood in the finale, is not likely to make it to 2019. Also, both Craig (Ben Robson) and Nicky overdosed on coke; hence many people expecting one of them to clock out permanently.

Molly Gordon Animal Kingdom Instabamm

Molly Gordon as Nicky. Source: TNT

The absence of Barry (Scott Speedman) in all recent press releases may not necessarily mean that he died; it might be a red herring intended to make us think he died, when in truth he survived and will recuperate fully.

If we look deeper at a few more events at the end of the last season, things might become clearer…

In the season 3 finale, Smurf (Ellen Barkin) finds out that J (Finn Cole) sold some of her property while she was in jail and blamed their deceased lawyer, Morgan (Laura San Giacomo). Smurf also investigates the ‘mysterious’ absence of Morgan.

Pope reaches a point of no return, and he experiences angst after frolicking with a prostitute sent over by Smurf. Also, Pope drives erratically around town with a bare chest and ends up hitting several cars. Pope has totally lost it, it seems.

Adrian (Spencer Treat Clark) gets into trouble after being stopped by the police at the airport who suspect him of drug trafficking.

J promises a sleeping Smurf that he will take everything from her.

Smurf Animal Kingdom Instabamm

Ellen Barkin as Animal Kingdom’s terrifying crime matriarch ‘Smurf.’ Source: TNT

Plenty of extra things to muse about. Plenty of solid plot-lines to expand upon in the upcoming series. Plenty of potential demises.

How will Adrian get out of the drug jam? Will Smurf get back at Jamie as Lucy did? Will J set out to do what he promised? Who won’t make it? The list of questions goes on and on.

The fourth season of Animal Kingdom has been greenlit by the TNT network, and will air late May/early June 2019.

What do you think? Who will die? Who won’t make it to the new series in 2019?

Make your predictions known in the comments below…

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