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Bad Boys 3: Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Are Back

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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence confirm Bad Boys 3 is finally happening.

Bad Boys 3 is GO. Will Smith (Detective Mike Lowry) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus Bennet), who starred opposite of each other in the first two installments of the buddy-cop franchise, took to their Instagram accounts to announce the big news yesterday.

Smith first posted a video of himself and Lawrence celebrating the news, captioned, “It’s been a loooong time coming. But now it’s here! Bad Boys for Life. We back!!” Similarly, Martin Lawrence also expressed his enthusiasm in a series of posts, one of which was captioned, “It’s official. Bad Boys for Life. #teammartymar #badboysforlife @willsmith #weback.” The videos, though brief, show that the chemistry between Will and Martin is still top-notch, despite the fact that a significant amount of time has passed.

Naturally, confirmation from the two leads has enthused the franchise’s dedicated fans, who’ve been waiting for well over a decade for a follow-up to the first two films, which were both international box-office successes.

Shortly after news broke, Bad Boys 3 trended for hours across various social media networks. Though some questioned whether a third installment was needed at this point, the consensus has been largely positive.


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There have been consistent rumblings over the years about a possible third Bad Boys movie, with both stars weighing in on their desire to want to go forward, but negotiations always fell through. If it wasn’t Will Smith’s conflicting movie schedule, then Sony was holding up the deal, due to the duo’s hefty salary demands.

So far, there’s no word on whether Gabrielle Union, who played Marcus’s sister, an undercover agent, in Bad Boys 2, will be attached to the project, but it’s possible. The actress is currently attached to a Bad Boys TV adaptation, alongside Jessica Alba, where she will reprise her former role, so she’s obviously still interested in the franchise.

bad boys 3, Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union. LA's Finest. Bad Boys. Instabamm

Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union in LA’s Finest, the Bad Boys spin-off series.

Bad Boys 2 ended after a long, explosive, deadly battle against drug kingpin, Johnny Tapia, and then showed Mike and Sydney moving forward with their relationship, against the behest of Marcus. Granted, that was in 2003, and a lot can change in 15 years.

It’ll be interesting to see how everyone’s lives have panned out, nearly two decades later.

Filming and production for Bad Boys 3 will begin in January 2019, and fans can expect to see Bad Boys 3, at the earliest, Jan 17th 2020.

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