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Best New Trailers This Week

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Movie trailers of the week on Instabamm – what are you excited about?

This week has been an exceptional one for trailers – so we’ve compiled and written on the best ones. Let us know if you’d like us to do this every week? And let us know which trailers you think kick ass? Feel free to comment at the bottom.


Warner Bros Pictures just released an extended trailer for DC comic character Aquaman (Arthur Curry played by Jason Momoa) who is half man half Atlantean. Arthur finds out that he is the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis and he must be the bridge that brings the land and the sea dwellers together. The film’s cast is star-studded, from Amber Heard as Mera, Willem Dafoe as Vulko to Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, Arthur’s Mum. Directed by James Wan, we sure are in for an adventurous journey as the release date is on 21st December 2018 in the US.

Instabamm the walking dead negan lucille

Mary Queen of Scots

This film is a biography, of sorts, of Mary Stuart, who was Queen of France at the age of sixteen. When her husband King Francis dies when she is only eighteen, she is faced with the burden of ruling two nations. She chooses to return to Scotland and reclaim her throne, but has to battle with her cousin Elizabeth I. It is a story of two independent women in a male-dominated world trying to do what’s best for their nations. It features Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth and Saoirse Ronan as Mary Queen of Scots. Written by Beau Willimon, directed by Josie Rourke, the film will premiere on 7th December 2018.

The Mule

This Warner Bros film stars film royalty, Clint Eastwood (also directing), as Earl Stone, an 80-year-old man that has always put work first before his family. He faces financial difficulty, and when he is offered a job as a driver, he accepts not knowing that he is now a drug courier for a Cartel in Mexico. As DEA agent Colin Bates (Bradley Cooper) has him in his radar, he must deal with his past mistakes before both the law and the Cartel enforcers catch up to him. Also starring Lawrence Fishburne, Michael Pena, Dianne Wiest, and Andy Garcia, the film will premiere on 14th December 2018.


Annapurna Pictures present a true story of the most powerful American vice president’s in history, Dick Cheney (Christian Bale). He was a CEO of a multibillion-dollar company, Minister for Defense and even white house chief of staff and he felt that as VP he wasn’t going to do as much as he wanted. The story follows how Cheney changed history during his time as Vice President. The cast includes Amy Adams (Lynne Cheney), Steve Carell (Donald Rumsfeld) and Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush. The release date will premiere on 21st December 2018.

The Upside

The film is a comedy that shows the relationship between a paraplegic billionaire Phillip (Bryan Cranston) and an ex-convict Dell (Kevin Hart) who is recently out of jail. Phillip needs help as he cannot move and Dell needs a job, two very different people with different views in life but they seem to need help in some way from the other. Also starring Nicole Kidman, Julianna Margulies, and Aja Naomi King, the film will premiere on 11th January 2019.

Instabamm the walking dead negan lucille


This horror-fantasy film produced by JJ Abrams is a story of American paratroopers experiencing the horrors of Nazi experiments that lie deep behind enemy lines. When their plane crashes on the eve of D-Day on the outskirts of Normandy, everything goes pear-shaped. The film stars Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Jacob Anderson, Dominic Applewhite, Pilou Asbæk, Iain De Caestecker, John Magaro, Mathilde Ollivier and Bokeem Woodbine and the release date is 9th November 2018.

Mortal Engines

This epic adventure film follows the story of survival after the great sixty-minute war that saw the destruction of civilization. After more than a thousand years, big cities survive by moving around o wheels attacking small towns to replenish their resources. Two young but opposite individuals Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan) and Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmer) form an unlikely alliance to uncover the hidden truths and to fight the tyranny of the new regime. With producers from the Hobbit Trilogy, this film will premiere on 14th December 2018.

Robin Hood

This film depicts Robin of Loxley, or ‘Robin Hood’ (Taron Egerton), and his trainer/commander (Jaimie Foxx) lead a revolt against the corrupt and tyrannical English crown by stealing their treasures and giving it all to the poor. They inspire the people to rise and fight, then form a band of thieves – just like the story everyone knows. Featuring Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Tim Minchin, and Jamie Dornan, this Lionsgate Film will show on 21st November 2018

Marvel Defenders Instabamm

On the basis of Sex

This is a true story about a woman named Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Felicity Jones) who defied all odds to go to law school, struggling with equality, to then become a U.S Supreme Court Justice. She, together with her husband Marty, take on a case that seeks to overturn a century of gender-based discrimination and bias. This film features Armie Hammer and Justin Theroux and is set to premiere on Christmas Day (25th of Dec 2018) in line with Justice Ginsburg’s 25th anniversary at the Supreme Court.

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