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James Bond: Veteran 007 Writers to Rescue Bond 25

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Writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are back to rescue Bond 25 after Danny Boyle’s exit.

Reports have surfaced that veteran scriptwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have been rehired to produce a new script to save the twenty-fifth Bond film after the last-minute departure of director Danny Boyle.

Initially the film’s producers disregarded a screenplay from Purvis and Wade, deciding to go with a script written by Boyle and writing partner John Hodge.

Purvis and Wade Instabamm

Purvis and Wade. (Source: Twitter)

Longtime Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson have admitted that bringing back Wade and Purvis was almost inevitable, all to further avoid delaying what is now to be a 2020 release, but which was originally scheduled for October 2019.

It is not fully clear as to exactly why Boyle decided to leave a half-completed project, but “creative differences” have been cited as the main reason for the fallout. Actor Jonathan Pryce has stated that: “producers couldn’t take a socialist Bond.”

Further speculation over the reasons for Boyle’s departure also still abound. Among these rumors are that squabbles with Daniel Craig over the former director’s choice of ‘bad guy’ (principally Tomasz Kot as the lead villain) ruined the working relationship. It has also been hinted that delayed works on the film due to the pregnancy of Craig’s wife, Rachel Weisz, further fractured an already tenuous situation.

Craig has also signed up to star in the film Knives Out, which begins filming in November — just a month before the Bond film is set to start shooting; a move which apparently infuriated both the producers and Boyle alike.

The movie, fraught with difficulty from its beginning, is expected to be Craig’s last time playing the spy, having previously starred in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre.

Although a Bond film from the maker of Trainspotting would have been interesting, it seems that returning script duties to Purvis and Wade is a very smart move. The two have worked on every Bond film since 1999’s The World Is Not Enough, and have brought unprecedented success to the franchise.

Who will now direct the film in Boyle’s place remains undecided.

The new film, still untitled, is simply referred to as Bond 25 – since it is the twenty-fifth film in the Bond lineage.

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