Want to contribute to Instabamm?

We are looking for seriously driven writers and presenters to contribute regularly to Instabamm.

You don’t have to be a journalist or a published writer – but we have some specifics we like to see.

If unsure about anything, we are very friendly and here to help. Get in touch. Contacts are below.

Please also click, download and follow our style-guide…

BamBam Style and Structure Guide

What we are after…

Articles must be completely original, and must not have been previously published, in any capacity. (We do a thorough word check to make sure).

Articles must be timely and relevant. A review about a film that premiered a week ago is no good to us. We will rely on site hits to stay alive – and it is proven that articles that are timely have a much higher interest spike. ‘Day of the event’ content is good – and ‘within 3 hours of the event’ content is great.

Articles must be journalistic. In other words – they must have craft. A beginning, a middle, and an end. Most articles are written in a semi-hard news format, but, we also really like opinion pieces that get straight to the point and make readers think. If you do an original interview with a relevant personality, this is gold. Chances are we will pay you for this (though we will also want proof/permission that the interview is legit).

Articles must be SEO friendly. If you are not sure about SEO – please read this great article HERE – and do one of the courses if you want to take it further.

You must be registered on Gravatar, so as we can attribute you to the article. Have a real pic and a small write-up about yourself. Do NOT pose as someone else. We will never work with you again if you do.

You will need a PayPal account to get paid. This is the only way we pay.

If you write for us, your article becomes our property, and you will sign a release that gives us ownership. This release also takes any responsibility away from us if your article is misleading, false, or harms anyone.

If you are an unpublished writer, or have never written professionally on a regular basis, we will not pay you for your first 5 articles. You will need to prove yourself to us to become part of our team. We all have degree’s in journalism and creative writing, and consequently have written professionally for years. If you don’t, that’s fine with us – degrees are heavily overrated. But…you will need to do your time to become part of our crew.

If you do become part of our crew, you will often get messages to write on a particular subject. There is no obligation to write – but the first writer to say ‘yes’ gets the job. We will give you a time-frame on your agreement, and if you deliver, the pay is better.

You must be able to take constructive criticism, as it’s all part of the game. Take it on the chin and keep on plugging. We will always be constructive and professional. We are not in the game of shaming or making people feel small. If anything our criticism will be encouraging.

If you are just getting started, don’t be scared – get in touch – we can help you out, and we don’t bite.

We are not looking for video presentations yet – but we will be diving head-first into this once we are fully monetized. If this is what you do, please get in touch anyway – we’d love to see your work.

My name is Drew. I am BamBam Media’s head editor. I am straight-up, friendly and patient. Yet I am no-nonsense all the way. I have an empire to build and mouths to feed – so please always be honest with me, give me your best, and I will do my best to take care of you, always.

Get in contact on…


Or get me in real time on the Slack app HERE. (We like our whole crew to be hooked up on Slack. If you are not signed up already, please get an account. It is a free and amazing app that does everything in real-time).

We will tell you the paying rates on request.

Can’t wait to hear from you! Get writing!! 🙂