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Daredevil: New Trailer, New Pics

Daredevil Charlie Cox Netflix Instabamm

Daredevil’s new trailer has dropped, as well as the first official pics from the upcoming season 3.

The trailer expands on the most recent teaser that dropped in the closing credits of the Iron Fist season 2 finale. It shows an incredibly ‘dark’ Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Charlie Cox), basically saying all evildoers should DIE, and the big theme of the whole piece is…


It looks intensely dark and nasty. Are you excited yet?

Check it out…

Entertainment Weekly also released exclusive season 3 pics. There’s two in total, and though they are not incredibly exciting, they do shed a little light on potential happenings in the upcoming series.

The first pic shows Matt and Foggy (Elden Henson) reunited. Foggy thought Matt dead due to the circumstances that culminated in Defenders. This meeting will undoubtedly be somewhat awkward, with the big questions being: will Matt and Foggy become friends or business partners again – or will Matt truly separate himself entirely from his best friend, now going the way of his jaded ally The Punisher and embracing the taking of lives instead of just beating the baddies up?

Daredevil Matt Murdock Foggy Instabamm

Matt and Foggy reunite. (Source: EW).

A new killer Daredevil flies in the face of Foggy’s upstanding social ethics, and if Matt has adopted lethal action, he will undoubtedly not only separate himself from society, but from all his friends in the normal world.

This is a great twist for Daredevil, and potentially brings more, much-wanted darkness to the show.

The darker the better we say! (Foggy dying would be good too, and would really set Matt off. Did I just say that out loud?).

The second pic paints a familiar scene. Daredevil scouring the rooftops for bad guys – but – he doesn’t have his purpose-built suit, and he has reverted back to his simple, original get-up.

Is a new suit in the works? If Danny Rand (Iron Fist – played by Finn Jones) could have Misty Knight (Simone Missick) fitted with a high-tech robotic arm, surely he could assist Matt back into a badass new outfit?

Daredevil Mattmurdock foggy marvel instabamm

Daredevil back to basic attire. (Source: EW)

Sheesh, where’s Tony Stark when you need him? (Making PG-rated popcorn films. Piss off Tony).

All in all this new Daredevil series has the potential to be the greatest godamn thing that has ever been on TV. If it goes up a notch or two from the previous high-quality seasons, it will undoubtedly take the Marvel/Netflix combo, and all episodic superhero ventures, to new heights.

Let’s hope it is LOTS better than the most recent second seasons of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. We have our fingers crossed it will be – we need some Marvel redemption, and we need it now.

Charlie Cox has gone on the record promising a fight scene that pays homage to the ‘hallway’ scene in season 1, even though the ‘stairwell’ scene in season 2 took all small-screen fight scenes next level, and is arguably one of the greatest fight scenes in history. Could this, combined with a rollicking script, be the Marvel redemption we are all after?

Look, if they can beat the ‘stairwell’ scene, just TAKE MY SUBSCRIPTION MONEY NOW NETFLIX. I’m just SO in.

Daredevil Instabamm

The rumors that Daredevil would be coming early have all been proven true…

Everyone’s favorite super-sensed blind guy will be hitting Netflix on October 19th 2018.

We’ll keep you posted.

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