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Iron Fist: Season 2 – First Full-Length Trailer

Danny Rand (finn Jones) Iron Fist. Instabamm

Netflix just released the first full-length trailer for Iron Fist season two, and it looks amazing.

There have been several short teasers for the second season of Marvel’s Iron Fist, basically revealing nothing. Yet the new trailer, fresh off the Netflix production-line, offers up just about everything fans could hope for. (Trailer is at the bottom of this article).

This time it seems the Immortal Iron Fist, Danny Rand (Finn Jones), will be re-taking on another student of K’un-Lun: The Steel Serpent – his defeated ‘brother’ and training partner turned villainous rival – also known as Davos (Sacha Dhawa).

After the events of Iron Fist season one and all that transpired in The Defenders, it seems that a more mature, yet slightly ‘darker in thought’ Danny Rand has fully embraced his inner-vigilante on the big bad streets of New York City, dispensing bad guys by himself by night – and becoming so obsessed with doing so that it has adversely affected his relationship with girlfriend and fellow martial arts badass Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick).

Iron Fist Finn Jones Set pic Instabamm

Danny Rand (Finn Jones) and on-screen girlfriend Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), with Davos (Sacha Dhawa) lurking in the background. An on-set pic from season 1. Source: MCU

The most important on-going conflict point seen throughout the trailer is that Davos desperately wants the substantial powers of the Iron Fist for himself, and this seems to open the doors to what could be an impressive, multifaceted plot. He (Davos) has always believed that the Iron Fist is rightfully his, even though he was soundly defeated in K’un-Lun by Danny before the dragon Shou-Lao, and also had his ass handed to him again in season one.

Danny loves Davos, but Davos has been twisted by jealousy and rage, in turn becoming your classic Marvel baddy – and he’s as brutally driven as Bushmaster, Kilgrave or Harold Meachum ever was, while also possessing a serious martial skillset that mirrors Danny’s in every way. They have lived, trained, fought and studied together in the mystical city of K’un-Lun since childhood. This obviously makes for great ‘brother against brother’ flashbacks galore.

The trailer also features our first glimpses of another of the season’s villains, Typhoid Mary (Alice Eve), a deadly assassin most well-known for being an adversary of Danny’s superhero cohort Daredevil, while Luke Cage’s Misty Knight (Simone Missick), the psychic, robot-armed cop also makes an appearance.

Alice Eve playing Typhoid-Mary in Iron-Fist – with her comic book likeness as a comparison. Source: Netflix/Marvel

It also looks as if Danny may lose the Iron Fist in season two? Davos’s fist is definitely aglow there throughout the trailer. Awesome!

The first season of Iron Fist has enjoyed the highest viewer numbers for Netflix/Marvel superhero franchises so far, but was unfairly slammed by many critics. We at Instabamm disagree entirely with the detractors, and believe the first season was brilliantly put together, deserving every bit of its rating success – and was fully worthy of a second season being greenlit and produced.

Iron Fist’s initial reviews make the journalists here at Instabamm wonder if they and the supposed ‘big-wigs’ were even watching the same show? So we urge you, the fans, to give it a try – if you already haven’t. (Binge it on Netflix now).

With the most recent slow-paced Marvel/Netflix duds that were Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s second seasons – Iron Fist season two comes heavily anticipated by true, action-hungry superhero fans who like a more well-paced and cerebral approach; with something actually happening each episode.

Season 2 of Iron Fist hits Netflix on September 7th, 2018.

Watch the new trailer below…

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