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Jim Jefferies: Thoughts on his latest Netflix Special

Fans of outspoken comedian Jim Jefferies may walk away slightly unimpressed by his latest Netflix special: This Is Me Now

I dig Jim Jefferies – most of the time.

He’s the foul-mouthed Aussie comic living in LA, who has his own show, and also did that famous bit on gun control that went viral. He also likes to take the piss out of religion and Trump, while often being an incredibly detailed and amusing social commentator.

He tells rape, pedophile and mass-murder gags regularly; so if you’ve watched any of his comedy, you’ll know he sets out to cross the line in a major way. He swears prolifically, and likes to drop the C-bomb, lots – and this is why I usually get a kick out of his humor – I fully admit it.

All of us Aussies swear like sailors (well, the good ones do anyway). My Dad and I both called each other c**ts this morning, so I’d be a hypocrite to say I have anything against profanity.

Jim doing the bit from Bare that made him famous…

Though I sort of do have a bit of a gripe, not just with Jim alone, but with a certain type of celebrity…

Celebrities that weigh in on politics – and I mean really weigh in. They never do it right, and they often come off as smarmy dickheads. Jim being no exception.

If it’s impartial, I’m cool. If it’s completely biased, and swings so far one way it’s almost like an advertisement for social justice, not so much.

I feel Jim’s whole introduction in his new Netflix special, This Is Me Now, was one giant virtue signal, and it’s irritating – because it took the funniness away, even though much of what followed was half-decent.

I wanted comedy, not his take on how people’s beliefs should be. We all know that all of Washington, Trump – whoever – are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Jefferies has done that bit to death, now substituting humor for gripe; and seeing as we’ve had the whole ‘I hate Trump’ forced down our throat by every single news outlet, every single day, every single hour, for several years – it’s really getting old.

It would have been refreshing for him to have sidestepped politics, and just got on with being a comic – as it is the non-political bits in this special that are by far the funniest. If I want to watch unfunny political humor, I’ll sit in an empty club and watch Kathy Griffin.

The cringe-worthy Kathy Griffin doing the photo shoot that ruined her career.

I got a kick out of the diahorrhea/vomit, Maria Carey, Al Pacino and James Packer tales – they really lifted things, and there is undoubtedly lots of clever, funny stuff here.

Yet, this is far from Jefferies at his best. Some of it was good, but none of it was great. I personally have seen him live twice in Melbourne, and both times it was no-holds-barred social commentary – and both times it was nothing short of brilliant. I also have his previous Netflix specials (Bare and Freedumb) on high rotation, as he is one of my favorite comedians of all time. So, it is disappointing he doesn’t fully deliver in This Is Me Now.

When you have truly original shock-comics like Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope and Franky Boyle as your competition, you really must raise the bar with every special. No bar lifted here, and there’s nothing in this Netflix special that truly stands out as classic, thigh-slapping comedic awesomeness.

Watch it for yourself. Tell me I’m wrong.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

This Is Me Now is available on Netflix.

(Feature image – Jefferies performing This Is Me Now in London for Netflix (Source: Netflix).
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