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Joker: Joaquin Phoenix’s Arch-Villain Makeup Is Finally Revealed

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Makeup Instabamm

The new Joker has revealed himself, and he’s fantastically creepy.

The new Joker film is currently in production, and lead man Joaquin Phoenix has just displayed his full get-up.

Phoenix’s Joker alter-ego ‘Arthur’ was originally revealed on Twitter by director Tod Phillip’s several weeks ago, and it created lots of interest amongst fans.

Jaquin Phoenix as 'arthur' - or The Joker Instabamm

Joaquin Phoenix as ‘Arthur’ – the Joker’s alter-ego (Source: Twitter).

Phillips has now showed off the first complete look of his arch-villain, with an eery video of his star Joaquin Phoenix — at first as his mild-mannered pre-transformation character Arthur again, with hands in the pockets of his jacket; looking just like a semi-normal guy, similar to the first-look image released last week.

Then, as the retro elements of Laughing by ‘The Guess Who’ plays, the scene shows images of the garishly made-up Joker flashing over Phoenix’s face, like a specter on a passing bus.

Then the laughing villain Joker completely engulfs Phoenix’s Arthur.

It’s a really basic make-up job, yet is extremely effective in its simplicity.

Check it out…

Awesome huh? If this film is written right and doesn’t carry a PG-13 rating, it could be the goods!

Joker is to be set in the 80’s and follows the story of a man supposedly put aside by society. The movie is produced by Martin Scorsese and is said to be inspired by his film King of Comedy, which saw Robert De Niro play a failed stand-up comic who takes a late-night talk show host captive.

Daredevil Instabamm

The upcoming project intends to focus on the origin story of the villain, unlike recent instances such as The Dark Knight and Suicide Squad, where old ‘smiley’ had already turned full-mad and was ruling the Gotham underworld.

Joker will hit theaters October 4th 2019.

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