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Mayans MC: Episode 2 Kicks Right Into Gear

Mayans EZ Instabamm

Episode recap and thoughts on the second episode of Mayans MC.

When the new Sons of Anarchy spinoff, Mayans MC, roared onto the small screen last week, it didn’t disappoint; and if you loved the premiere, you’ll love the second episode even more. The debut had the highest ratings of any cable show in 2018, and almost like a reward for viewers, this week’s follow-up episode has a heavy smattering of blood, violence, intrigue, roaring Harleys, and wall-to-wall action that almost surpasses what we’ve seen before in the SOA universe. On top of that, the acting in Mayans is solid throughout.

Mayans EZ Instabamm

JD Pardo as EZ Reyes, and his club ‘brothers’ in the background. (Source:FX)

The writing does get a little convoluted, and maybe just a tiny bit too busy – but this episode manages to steer its way home.

The reoccurring symbolism that was always present in SOA, and now Mayans, is present again, with a bloody-beaked crow, a scary-looking scorpion, and lots of dogs – usual Kurt Sutter type of stuff.

The episode explodes into gear with the violent kidnapping of Cartel boss Miguel Galindo’s infant son, Cristobal, and the murder of the family’s driver by the Cartel-hating rebels. Then, to get answers about the whereabouts of his missing boy, there is a retaliative hot oil burning by Galindo, given to a street vendor who is accused of witnessing the kidnapping. That same fate almost befalls the man’s young son as well, but quick-thinking MC members divert Galindo’s attention with possible clues about his son’s whereabouts.

Mayans EZ Instabamm

Danny Pino as ruthless killer and Cartel boss Miguel Galindo. (Source:FX)

We discover that Adelita (the rebel leader) still has possession of stolen Cartel heroin, but ends up burning it (complete with Galindo’s logo on the packaging) in a widely-released homemade rebel propaganda video.

Although Galindo is not inclined to openly retaliate against the rebels due to his wife Emily’s wishes, he ends up going against her. This is after his mother tells him the story of how his long-deceased brother (also named Cristobal) really died. It turns out that it was not really pneumonia, but a rival Cartel murdered him because his ruthless father would not back down to spare the boy’s life after he was kidnapped. Galindo’s right-hand henchman, Nestor, convinces him that he must be just as strong as his father, because fear is the only thing that the rebels will understand.

The word ‘retaliate’ is an understatement. The Cartel then shockingly burn the already grease-scalded man and his young son to death, dumping their bodies in the town square while they’re still smoldering, and stuffing the rebels recently-circulated flyers in their dead mouths.  This particular imagery has drawn some criticism from fans because it surpasses even the SOA level of violence. Murdering kids does ruffle a few viewers’ feathers. All in all though, it does show what a bunch of inhuman cowards these Cartel goons really are.

The MC become further involved in the entire mess when they’re enlisted by Galindo to dig up whatever info they can on the rebels and their leader. Interestingly enough, many club members already know the answers to Miguel’s burning questions because they’re deeply involved with the rebels themselves. This inter-club ‘deception’ is a giant plot-point within Mayans, as EZ has unwillingly found himself immersed inside a Cartel coup from within the club, which his older brother ‘Angel’ is heavily involved in.

Mayans EZ Instabamm

EZ’s older brother ‘Angel’ played by Clayton Cardenas. (Source:FX)

There’s a cameo from SOA’s chronic masturbator and double amputee ‘Chucky.’ He still hasn’t learned how to act. Then there’s an all-in-brawl between the Cartel thugs and the Mayans, which is highly entertaining. Both groups have been festering to go at each other, so both bosses agree to a ‘non-retaliative’ old-fashioned punch-up.

EZ once again gets to briefly connect with his former flame Emily – who is now the Galindo’s wife and the mother of the missing boy. (We are guessing that this boy is maybe EZ’s son – unbeknownst to him).

Will EZ get back together with Emily? What about his brother Angel and the rebel leader Adelita? Who else is going to get a bullet or a burning? Will Galindo’s son be returned by the rebels intact? Will someone kill Galindo? Can someone please kill Galindo!!

What do you think of Mayans MC so far? Submit your comments below. We’ love to hear your thoughts.

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