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Mayans MC: Episode 4 Recap – EZ Pressured, Cartel Lies, Dead Nuns

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Mayans MC is becoming more compelling every week; with this installment putting monumental pressure on EZ, a lethal new enemy appears, and light is shed on everyone’s true loyalties.

Mayans MC continues on that familiar symbolism vein in its opening scene, going from birds to bats this episode – signaling the coming of darker things in Santo Pedro.

In a heated talk between two cops (Jimenez and his boss) who are pressuring EZ, we find out who the bad guys really are. It’s the DEA, and they’ll use anyone and everything to get what they want. Jimenez tells EZ that he must get close to Emily and use her to get intel. When he refuses, Jimenez threatens EZ with the termination of his DEA deal. EZ tells him he’ll just go back to prison, then leaves, but Jimenez goes straight to EZ’s father and threatens to expose his past. Apparently, he didn’t even exist prior to 1985 and his SS# belonged to an old woman who died that same year. In return for keeping his secret, Jimenez tells him he must convince EZ to betray Emily. Turns out though that Jimenez isn’t half the bad guy that his boss is – as it’s his ruthless boss that is really putting the heat on.

Mayans MC Episode 4 Instabamm

DEA officer Jimenez (Maurice Compte) puts pressure on Felipe (Edward James Olmos). Source: FX

(Is Ez’s Dad former Cartel? He definitely has a shady past. Who was that old photo with? Was it Galindo’s Dad? This is definitely a theory that makes sense).

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Meanwhile, the young Mexican boy from last week, who is a new rebel recruit but also secretly a soldier in Galindo’s kiddy-army, gets his hands on a cell phone and takes video of a nun who is helping Adelita with Cristobal’s cough. He sends the video to Galindo who now knows that he is being held by Adelita and who the nun is that’s helping her. She’s from the very Diocese that he’s been financially supporting for years.

Mayans MC Episode 4 Instabamm

A nun cares for the stolen Cartel baby with Adelita (Carla Baratta) doing the handover. Source: FX

What have the MC boys been doing all this time? They’ve been chasing skinheads who are using high-powered rifles for picking off drug mules sneaking over the border, then stealing their prescription drugs. These new bad guys aren’t around for very long. They’re all assassinated by an ex-military skinhead named Cole who’s been buying drugs from them. Meanwhile, Angel and Coco kill one of the skinhead family as he’s running away and use his cell phone to contact Cole. They need someone, anyone, to buy that H left over from the heist in the first episode so that the rebels can survive. They’re out of money, almost out of food, and Angel’s Chinese buyer was unceremoniously dispatched by a bullet to the brain via Bishop last week.

After some online research into how ISIS infiltrates villages with propaganda, Emily convinces Galindo that the rebels are doing the same thing, and that he should turn the tables on them by making them out to be the devil, not the Cartel. This all comes to a head when something unspeakable happens during the holiday parade. When the religious procession ends at the church, we see that it has been literally destroyed and the nun seen earlier helping Adelita has been ritualistically slaughtered on the altar while rebel flyers litter the floor. The plan is for Galindo to make a speech showing the townspeople that he’s not the Devil, the rebels are. He has deceived his wife again though – it seems – and it looks like the Cartel has gone full old testament to make the rebels look bad.

Mayans MC Episode 4 Instabamm

Cartel wife Emily (Sarah Bolger) laying down some strategy. Source: FX

Unfortunately, Emily gets trampled by the crowd as they stampede out of the church, and we’re left wondering if she’ll be alright. She’s a little bit annoying – so hopefully she got a worthwhile kicking (did I just say that out loud?).Daredevil Instabamm
Things are really heating up. Mayans is shaping up to be a solid-ish show. Lots of secrets to be learned, lots of death and retribution still to come. It has the potential to beat SOA in almost every aspect, but only if the quality keeps up and the writing does not become too convoluted – as Sons did. The leading man ain’t no Jax Teller, but the Mayans MC cast is much stronger across the board than Sons ever was. Time will tell.

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