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Mayans MC: Episode 5 Recap – Severed Heads and Dirty Mexican Cops

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Mayans MC Episode 5 entails a little S&M, Severed Heads, Abortion, Kids with AK-47s, and Dirty Mexican Cops.

It’s been officially confirmed that the hit SOA spinoff, Mayans MC, has been renewed by FX for its second season after only one month on the air; and it’s no surprise, since the first episode garnered 2.5 million viewers plus a 1.1 rating in the 18 – 49 demographic. It’s now surpassing Sons of Anarchy with ease, and the first five episodes have an average of 8.2 million viewers each. It’s also 2018’s highest rating cable series.

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The best thing about Mayans MC is the fact that it simply gets better each week, and the plot hasn’t become half as convoluted as its brother series. Each episode is incredibly well-paced, always leading to substantial secrets being revealed, with this week’s episode being particularly enlightening. With half of the ten-episode season now aired, the series has truly kicked itself into gear – and things are now getting hot.

This week we find EZ sneaking in to visit Emily in the hospital after she was trampled in the church debacle – all of her Cartel boss husband’s making. After seeing that she’s OK, EZ leaves, but his departure is spotted by one of Galindo’s henchmen, then seconds later, he sees Emily being wheeled out of the same room by a nurse. Of course, the henchman tells Galindo, who then has his thugs lead EZ to a deserted plot of land for a come-to-Jesus meeting. He tells EZ of his lofty plans for the property and warns him to stay away from Emily or their next conversation “won’t be so polite.”

EZ and Emily re-bond on the sly. Source: FX

Unfortunately, he didn’t mention this to Emily who shows up at EZs to talk. She confesses to having had an abortion eight years before, and that Cristobal’s kidnapping is her punishment to him, because she did it to spite him – jilted at him telling her to get on with her life while he was locked up for eight years. Yet, before he can spill the beans about knowing where Cristobal is, Angel opens the door and bursts in. She leaves, they fight in the enclosed space of a caravan, and then make up over an old pic of them as kids which they find on the floor during the scuffle.

Cole (who cut off Alice’s head, stuck it on a stick, and put it in Angel’s living room), asks Angel for a big favor, which is to go into Mexico to attempt the extraction of an Afghani couple being held by the ‘Federales.’

In the heat of the deal, Angel is taken captive by the very same dirty Mexican Federal cops after it all goes bad. EZ has his back though, and enlists the help of Adelita and her young rebels to get him out of it.  The kids brutally kill all the cops, and in a hail of gunfire, they all escape. Angel gets a kiss from Adelita, and Cole agrees to pay $50k per kilo for their H.

Dirty Mex feds holding Angel and EZ hostage. Source: FX Instabamm Mayans MC

Dirty Mex feds holding Angel and EZ hostage. Source: FX

Meanwhile, Bishop’s bedding the mayor, Felipe is chillingly threatening Jiminez (and he reveals his past – he was an ex-elite drug cop in Mexico), and the club is getting more and more suspicious of Angel – if fact the senior members of the MC are right onto him, and are watching him closely.

During a quiet evening at home on the hacienda, Galindo and Emily are argue about their son – and EZ, which leads to violence followed by some mighty rough sex. Yes folks, EZ’s one true love and her filthy rich hubby are bonafide S&M freaks.

Tune in to Mayans MC next week and you just might get to see him beat her up and diddle and slap her around her again – it feels like it will be an ongoing theme.

Mayans is aired every Tuesday on FX.

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