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Mayans MC: Episode 6 Recap – Screwdriver Stabbings and Betrayal

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Mayans MC Episode 6 features screwdriver stabbings, murdered Moms, enemies bonding, and Galindo getting framed.

Mayans is still sticking with the recurring animal theme at the beginning of each episode, going from crows (a nod to SAMCROW) to scorpions, owls, bats, possums playing possum, and now a ginger street cat.

This week was a little less knuckle-biting, but obviously the story is being set up for bigger things ­– it is the middle of the series after all. The episode has some serious twists though, and now that everyone’s cards are on the table and the characters are fully developed, the game has become unprecedently serious.

Mayans MC, Sons of Anarchy, Instabamm

Frankie Loyal (Tranq) and Michael Irby (Bishop) working out who the mole is. Source: FX

Bishop and Tranq are becoming even more suspicious about who the mole is, and they’ve figured (wrongly) that it’s Coco; and this could undoubtedly lead to his early demise.

In the meantime, Coco’s ‘damaged’ daughter, Leticia, comes to visit her newly realized Dad. Coco is then called off by Tranq to take care of club business, leaving her with EZ. It turns out she wasn’t just turning up to the MC for a social visit, as she has stabbed a truck driver to death with a screwdriver, and his body is stashed in the trunk of the car she’s stolen off her Grandmother (Coco’s hooker Mom). It was self-defense, she says, but judging from the serious bruises all over her body she might not have been lying.

Mayans, Coco, SOA

Johnny “El Coco” Cruz’s (Richard Cabral) wisecracking little prostitute/murderer daughter Leticia (Emily Tosta), giving the boys hell. Source: FX

EZ grudgingly helps her out (aiming to dispose of the body), but on checking out the deceased truckie’s ride, EZ gets into a fight with two rednecks who bust him in the truck’s cabin – one of who is subsequently stabbed by Leticia with a screwdriver. Afterward, EZ calls Angel for help, as he’s had all of Leticia he can handle, and offloads her to him. This is followed by the best scene of the episode, where EZ is chased by the cops because they clock him driving a stolen vehicle (unbeknownst to them which also has a corpse in the trunk). EZ obviously can’t afford to get caught, and makes a break for it. After the ensuing car chase, he eventually gets away in a cornfield, stuffing an irrigation pump hose into the car to wash away any DNA. During this time he also has a flashback that involves finding his murdered mother on the floor of the butcher shop eight years ago; and his photographic memory is further used, via flashback again, to recall a pick-up truck he saw leaving his mother’s murder site, and that he sees again on the road.

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Meanwhile, back at the hacienda, Galindo gets a call from Adelita offering to return Cristobal in exchange for many million pesos in cryptocurrency. He agrees but tells his men to “slaughter” every one of the rebels at the coordinates that they got from the young cartel soldier, Andre, who infiltrated the rebel camp.

The funds are received, Galindo crosses into Mexico as arranged. Adelita tells him via cellphone that Cristobal is in a blue car, he runs to it, and retrieves his son. As he’s crossing the border back to the U.S, he’s stopped by the Federales, who find drugs inside the baby’s blanket, courtesy of the rebels, and the cops detain him. He was framed outright.

Galinfo, Cartel boss, Mayans, Instabamm

Ruthless cartel boss Galindo (Danny Pino) being stripped of his son, then detained on the border.

The coordinates turn out to be fake and Adelita has found out that Andre is one of Galindo’s spies After confronting him, Andre’s friend, little Mini, unexpectedly pushes Andre off the roof to his death. At least this time, when they killed a kid, they had another kid do it.

Jimenez gets drunk and bonds with Filipe – as he is a bit rattled by Filipe’s bloodcurdling threats, and also his violent past, so he comes by his house, attempting to make amends.

Felipe, open to peace, pours Jimenez some coffee and reveals more of his story. Years ago, while his wife was pregnant, Felipe got out of Mexico the same way he survived: blood and money. Jimenez adds that threatening Felipe’s family was a wrong move, and he tells some of his own story. It seems that Jimenez might lay off now, to a certain degree – but what will Jimenez’s hardass boss think of this? They’ve potentially lost EZ as their key CI – it’s going to get ugly.

In the last scene of the episode Assistant US Attorney, Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon), from SOA, is shown sitting outside the MC compound. EZ walks straight past him as he spurts some weird nonsense while petting the same cat from the start of the episode. He’s sure to mean big trouble for the MC, EZ, and Galindo alike. He was an incredibly underwhelming and non-charismatic character in Sons though, so it’s a shame they would reinvent him in Mayans – yet the overlap is somehow interesting all the same.

Tune in next week for episode 7 on FX Tuesday at 10pm, and our next weekly recap soon after.

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