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Mayans MC: Episode 7 Recap – Deals with the Devil

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Cockroaches, matricide, dark deals, and shocking secrets revealed in the seventh episode of Mayans MC.

This week in Mayans MC it seemed like it was all about Adelita (Carla Baratta). Who knew she was that powerful or how many secrets she was keeping? For starters, she visits Felipe (Edward James Olmos) and reveals that her father was his partner – the man in the photo with him in Mexico. In fact, she has an exact duplicate pic, minus the severed heads littering the ground, which have been torn from the photo. She appears to be planning on killing Felipe because she believes he told Galindo’s men where her father was when she was five years old, resulting in the wholesale slaughter of everyone in her family except her. She was hiding in an old air vent and saw the carnage. She says that he broke a “sacred trust” – but – Felipe shows her a pic of himself, her father, and a priest who turns out to be the Bishop that is supposedly her friend and benefactor. It then dawns on her what “sacred trust” meant, and she leaves Felipe’s home, ostensibly to find the alleged ‘Man of God’ who betrayed her father.

Mayans, Adelita, Mayans Recap, Instabamm, Mayans MC

Adelita (Carla Baratta) surprising Felipe at gunpoint. Source: FX

Meanwhile, Galindo (Danny Pino) is having a time in jail, where the surly inmates don’t know who he is, and taunt him until he shows off some serious defensive moves, killing one of them with a backward T-shirt choke after being called a cockroach. He’s then led by his jailers to a basement where he has an awkward sit-down with Adelita herself. She shows him pics of the burning/bombing of several of his profitable enterprises on her laptop and threatens to destroy all the rest of them. Adelita’s unbelievable plan is for the rebels to team up with the Galindo Cartel for the purpose of bringing some serious social reform to the current dirty Mexican politics. She says that the rebels can be his eyes, ears, and weapons in the fight in exchange for a piece of the profits.

Galindo Cartel, Mayans, Instabamm, Mayans MC

Cartel boss Galindo (Danny Pino) comes home after a night in Jail. Source: FX

Coco (Richard Cabral) has been a busy boy in the meantime trying to prove he can be a good father to Leticia (Emily Tosta). When she fakes a brutal beating at Coco’s mother’s hand by smacking her head on a toilet, he’s out for blood. In a scene reminiscent of Fatal Attraction, he drowns his mother in the bathtub. And, after meeting Letty at the clubhouse, Bishop (Michael Irby) and his boys realize that Coco wasn’t meeting with Adelita, as they had suspected thanks to Chuckie (Michael Ornstein), but with his daughter. Angel (Clayton Cardenas) further throws suspicion off of Coco being the snitch by betraying Riz and his tunnel where he is later caught by the club smuggling illegals into the states.

EZ’s (JD Pardo) deal with the DEA is canceled by Jimenez’ boss and a BOLO (be on the lookout) is issued with his name on it. So, the cops pull the boys of the Mayans MC over, including EZ, but he zooms off in the other direction after telling them that he’s EZ Reyes. They take chase, leaving the rest of the club sitting there, which is a good thing since they just purchased some serious firepower from some Sons of Anarchy members.  EZ suffers a beating at the hands of California’s finest but is released after Jimenez has a talk with the powers-that-be, namely Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) from both Sons and last week’s (Episode 6) final minutes, who now heads up the task force that’s gunning for Galindo.

Mayans, EZ, Instabamm, Mayans MC

The boys conversing, just before being hassled by the brass. Source: FX

After EZ goes back to the clubhouse and gets chewed out by Bishop (although he saved the club from a gun bust), he comes home to find Felipe gone and the box on the table containing his birth certificate along with that telling severed heads pic. All he says is “Pop?”

Back at the Galindo hacienda, everybody’s happy to be back together again but they hear something outside. Now, of course, we’re thinking it’s assassins or something but surprise! It’s Lincoln Potter and his DEA goons come to arrest Galindo and all of his men.

A logical and awesome plot twist is being set up here. Is Galindo going to be taken out of the spotlight, while his wife Emily becomes the new Cartel matriarch? Sure looks like it.

mayans, Instabamm, bikers, adelita

And, then the cockroach in the title is symbolically the final shot of this episode.  There’s always a critter in there somewhere!

This episode was incredibly impressive. It really took the whole ‘Sutter-verse’ to new places acting-wise, and didn’t have that stunted, convoluted feel that SOA often had. The scenes with Felipe and Adelita were standouts. Great to have such high caliber actors on board, it adds a whole new element to the show.

Three more episodes to go. We are guessing things are about to get very heavy.

Tune in next week for episode 8 on FX Tuesday at 10 pm, and our next weekly recap soon after.

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