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Mayans MC: Episode 8 Recap – Rats, a Corpse, and a Douchebag

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The pace really slowed on Mayans MC this week, but things are all being set up for the forthcoming finale. 

This week’s Mayans MC critter du jour was a rat, which is probably a nod to those dirty rats at the DOJ, the DEA, and all of those other triple-initial-agencies. After arresting Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) for obvious reasons, like being the head of a major Mexican drug cartel, they also arrest his wife, Emily (Sarah Bolger), for failure to report a child abduction – her own child, stolen from the rebels. Seriously?

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So once again little Cristobal is ripped out of his mother’s arms and ends up in government custody, where they let him lie in his own poop so they can take pics, all in order to whip Mom into line – and to force Miguel to become a snitch.

Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) tries to leverage the Galindo couple the same way he used to try to twist everyone’s arms in SOA. He sits down with both of them and tries to be quirky yet threatening. (This guy’s character is a drag, and he’s just too much. He heavily over-acts and was given WAY too much air-time during this episode. Every time he’s in a scene he just sucks the life out of it. Where did they find this douchebag? He’s gone full method for a bit-part. Can someone shoot him in his scrawny neck, and soon? EZ, Angel? C’mon guys, you need to get MAYAN on this page-boy haired clown).

Myans MC, Lincoln Potter, Instabamm

Ray McKinnon as the ever-annoying Lincoln Potter. Source: FX

Unfortunately, even though he didn’t give in, Miguel’s now between a rock and hard place, and under heavy pressure from the Feds. Emily tells him following their release from custody: “Now they own us!” – but of course Miguel already wants to stick it to Potter and the government, yet nobody knows how yet, probably even Miguel?

Riz (Antonio Jaramillo), who found himself caught out by the MC in the previous episode, lost his title as club secretary after the tunnel was found – he was smuggling people ‘under’ the border. Bishop (Michael Irby) doesn’t think he’s the snitch, but his ‘misdemeanour’ violated club rules and he got slapped accordingly for it. This whole issue created a lot of tension between Riz and Angel, as it was Angel who told Bishop about the tunnel in the first place – all to take the heat off of Coco, who Bishop thought was the mole at the Myans MC table. Of course, if Coco had just told everyone that Letty (Emily Tosta) was his daughter in the first place — and we’ll never get a satisfying reason why he didn’t — a lot of this could have been avoided. However, Riz and Angel cooled off with some quality time beating each other’s heads in via a cage match.

Riz (Antonio Jaramillo). Source: FX

Meanwhile, Felipe (Edward James Olmos), pays a visit to the priest who narked on Felipe’s partner and got him killed. They sit down for a drink together and Felipe tells him about Adelita and what she saw when her family was slaughtered in front of her. It would seem that Felipe is there to kill him, but he’s really there to warn him that Adelita is gunning for him. The priest saved Felipe’s life back in the day, and Felipe tells him they are now even, and leaves. Too bad for Adelita, as this same friendly neighborhood priest tells Galindo’s men that he will lead them to her.

Back at Coco’s (Richard Cabral) deceased Mom’s dumpy apartment, Angel (Clayton Cardenas) and EZ (JD Pardo) agree to the unsavory job of burying the dead hooker after EZ smokes a joint with Coco – all while they sit next to her dead body on the floor.  Unfortunately, on the way to the ‘dig’ they get pulled over by the local cops. One of them is a corruptible buddy, but the other one isn’t, and he won’t listen to reason from his partner about letting the boys off. He opens the trunk of the car and naturally finds the dead body inside. This was the end of the episode, but we hold onto some hope that the DEA will probably get EZ out of this one just like before. It definitely won’t be out of the goodness of their hearts, however, and they will try to leverage him further.


An exceptionally slow episode, and the first one to be more than mildly disappointing. The show has been dropping ratings further every week. Let’s hope it picks up.

Tune in next week for Episode 9 and find out if Coco really wants to bury his mother in a grave shaped like a dick (yes, he said that), what Miguel Galindo has in mind for Potter (hopefully death), how EZ escapes the long arm of the law once again with the help of the DEA, and last but not least, what will happen to Adelita when Galindo’s men find her?

Mayans Mc airs on FX every Tuesday at 10pm.

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