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Mayans MC: Episode 9 Recap – Snakes, Decapitation, and Payback is a Bitch

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Mayans is finally back to action, with Miguel Galindo making a deal with the MC, Adelita getting some serious revenge, and the ultra-irritating Lincoln Potter not featuring quite as heavily.

 A snake slithers across the desert dirt in this week’s opening, and this is definitely a reference to one over-acting Fed (Lincoln Potter, played by Ray McKinnon) who gets meaner and nastier each week. He shows up at the local jail to spring EZ (J.D Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) – after they were caught last week with Coco’s (Richard Cabral) Mom’s dead body in their trunk – but not before spilling EZ’s secret deal with the DEA to his not-so-happy brother. Potter, the snake, threatens EZ with certain death back in prison, or helping the Feds to bring down the rebels.

Mayans MC. EZ and Angel about to be released. Source: AMC

Mayans MC. EZ and Angel after Potter blabbed. Source: AMC

On the way home after release, Angel stops the car and beats the crap out of EZ, who basically doesn’t even fight back because his brother really has a right to be pissed-off about being deceived and used. To show EZ just how he feels about him, he dumps him in the desert and EZ has to walk back home on his own.

Now that Miguel (Danny Pino) and Emily (Sarah Bolger) have been released by the Feds, it’s time for a new game plan for the Galindo family. While they’re cleaning up the mess in the study they discover Miguel’s older brother Cristobal’s medical records that show that the boy really did die of pneumonia. Remember, a few episodes back, Devante (Tony Plana) and Mama Galindo told Miguel that he had been kidnapped and didn’t really die of pneumonia?

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Miguel then sits down with Devante for a pow-wow about how to proceed, and Miguel’s plan is to go through with the team-up with Adelita (Carla Baratta) and the rebels to become bigger and better while sticking it to the Feds. Devante adamantly opposes the idea and we soon find out why.


Miguel sets up a meeting with the MC at the local Indian casino, and the guest of honor is none other than Adelita herself. She, Miguel, Emily, and the M.C. members agree to work together, with the club on the front lines representing the Cartel. Devante is, of course, seriously miffed about this, and Miguel tells him to ride with him so they can talk. He fills Devante in on finding the medical records and his deceit.

They pull up in a deserted area, when another car rolls up, Adelita gets out. Miguel explains to Devante that they know he was the leader of the death squad that massacred her family. It’s time for some payback, which Miguel calls “closure.” He then offers Adelita a disturbingly giant machete from the back of the car. The final shot of the scene is Devante’s severed head lying on the ground.

Devante, machete death, violence, mayans mc, instabamm

Devante gets the chop, literally. Source: FX

Remember the priest who betrayed Adelita’s father? Well, he gets his, too, before the end of this episode. He’s hung from the rafters of the rectory, and it looks like a suicide since his computer has been filled with child porn downloads.


Meanwhile, Angel and EZ are getting tattoos together in a hotel room full of hookers after the Cartel deal. Is it possible that Angel has forgiven his brother? Not so fast. Angel chose EZ’s tattoo and, surprise, it’s a giant snake that Angel says will be a constant reminder to EZ. He then tells him that when the deal with the Feds is done EZ should turn in his patch and never come back. While they are talking, both their phones ring simultaneously, and it’s douchebag Potter. He has their first job – a pic of Kevin Jimenez (Maurice Compte), who is now known as KJ. Across his face, it says “Bye-Bye.” Obviously Mister “off-the-charts-weird but off-the-charts smart,” as he’s known by other agents, wants them to murder EZ’s former DEA handler.

Lincoln Potter, wanker, kill him please, instabamm

The guy who plays Lincoln Potter could almost make you stop watching Mayans altogether. Source: FX

Next week’s episode is the season finale, so hopefully there is a little closure in regards to what EZ and Angel are going to do to outsmart the snake. A repeat of Adelita’s machete option would please Potter-despising fans across the globe – but a single bullet to his head would at least get him out of the show. We could go with that.

(Is it wrong to hate a character so bad? It’s not just that he’s evil, it’s all about him being a poorly cast wanker with a serious case of overacting – and the glaringly obvious fact that no one in the history of television has needed to die violently more than this guy does).

Tune in next week for episode 8 on FX Tuesday at 10 pm, and then get on instabamm.com for our last weekly Mayans recap for 2018 soon afterward.

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