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Mayans MC: Finale Recap: Dead Feds & SOA Treachery

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The final episode of the first series of Mayans MC sets EZ free from the Feds, but then forces him into a grave realization about the Sons Of Anarchy.

At the end of the last episode of Mayans MC we saw that Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) sent a twisted SMS insisting EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) kill their cousin and former DEA agent, Kevin Jimenez (Maurice Compte – ‘KJ’). In the aftermath of these new instructions, both brothers tell their Dad Felipe Reyes (Edward James Olmos) about their predicament and he instructs EZ not to let Potter turn him into a monster – and to not kill KJ. He then invites KJ to come to the butcher shop for a talk, with full intention to kill him (so his sons won’t have to) in the walk-in cooler. Unfortunately, he can’t go through with it, sending KJ on his way to reunite with his family.

KJ, Mayans, Angel, Instabamm

KJ (Maurice Compte) ultimately eats lead. Source: FX

The brothers show up at almost the exact same time at KJ’s house after a call from Potter sends them there, and KJ’s former boss is surprisingly there also. Just as it looks like the boss is about to kill Angel, EZ comes in the back exit and shoots him, while Angel gives KJ one right between the eyes. Naturally, Potter slithers in and makes some inane remarks about the pie left on the kitchen table, and orders them to take the bodies through the underground tunnel into Mexico, dispose of them, and bring him proof that the deed is done. They comply, and Potter tells EZ that he’s free now, shows his record being deleted from the Feds database, but then tells EZ he “owes him one” before leaving. Guess this obviously means that Potter and his brand-new hairdo will be back for Season 2. (This is highly unfortunate – as this guy needed to DIE this very episode. He brings Mayans MC down substantially with his below mediocre portrayal of a sinister Fed).

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Back at the Galindo hacienda, Miguel demotes his trusted, but exceptionally bloodthirsty, henchman, Nestor Oceteva (the one with the braids and the shades played by Gino Vento). Galindo says the demotion is all due to him beating and killing the nun in the church several episodes back. Who knew that there were rules among drug kingpins about how the murdering of innocent people goes down? Miguel says that his ‘new’ consigliere will be handling things instead. Who could that be? Well, it turns out that it’s none other than Mayans member Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) who resigned his position with the club to become top cop in Galindo’s regime.

Nestor, Mayans, Instabamm

Nestor (Gino Vento) the Cartel henchman gets demoted in the Mayans MC finale. Source: FX

In the ending scene of the season finale, the club is having a big party, which includes some Sons of Anarchy members. And, although EZ is free to flee, he decides to stay around, citing the fact that he’s not sure who he is anymore without Angel, Felipe, and the club – in turn solidifying his loyalty to the MC. We see an emotional montage of Alverez taking off his cut and leaving the club, and then the compound. Soon after EZ remembers a scene from way back when and realizes that SOA cast member, Happy Lowman, (real-life Hells Angel member David Labrava) murdered his mother.

All in all, an eventful but slow-paced finale for the SOA spinoff, which was somewhat underwhelming. Now we have a full year to wonder if Season 2 will pit the Sons of Anarchy against the Mayans when EZ, Angel, or both go after Happy?

SOA as the bad guys? Very interesting!

That was the final episode of Mayans MC for 2018. Season 2 has already been OK’d, and the series will be returning to FX next year.

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