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Orange is the New Black: Emily Tarver and Vicci Martinez are together off-screen

Daddy and Daya

Orange is the New Black’s Vicci Martinez has revealed that she is dating co-star Emily Tarver in real life.

Martinez, who plays new character ‘Daddy’ for series six, revealed that she and co-star Emily Tarver are together.

Getting a spot on Orange is the New Black (OITNB) for the singer-actress has been an amazing career rejuvenation. She originally shot to fame in 2011 after coming third on The Voice and recording the single ‘Come Along’ with CeeLo Green. In the aftermath of these two major highs her career stalled substantially, so being approached by the show to play the role of a Latina inmate was everything she needed to get her flailing career back on track.

In season six, her character ‘Daddy’ has a crush on ‘Daya’ (Dascha Polanco).

Vicci Martinez (left) and Dascha Polanco (right) can be seen together in the featured image at top (Source: Netflix).

Interestingly, Martinez is actually in a real-life relationship with another actor on the show, Emily Tarver, who plays correctional officer Artesian McCullough.

Emily Tarver in Orange Is The New Black (Source: Netflix)

She told The New Tribune: “We are super in love. And we have a music group together. I’ve started to do music again. She’s fulfilling my fantasy of doing duets together.”

This can only create abundant new interest in what is already Netflix’s most-watched original series, and serves to make new characters like ‘Daddy’ infinitely more interesting to OITNB’s legions of female fans.

If you have been living under a rock – or been behind bars – OITNB hit our screens in July 2013, and is based true musings via the hugely successful book of former prisoner Piper Kerman, whose character is called Piper ‘Chapman’ in the show (played by the amazingly talented Taylor Schilling). Its sixth season started screening on the 27th of July, and if you want a more lighthearted version of Wentworth, that is somehow just as heart-wrenching and well written, OITNB might just be your jam?

You can binge-watch past seasons Orange is the New Black, as well as get up to date with the new season right now on Netflix

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