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The Predator: A New R-Rated Trailer

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The new Predator film is R-rated, and the final trailer before release looks badass!

When it comes to the Predator franchise, nothing has measured up to the original 1987 ‘Arnie’ film. There’s been plenty of piss-poor attempts, but they’ve all fallen vastly short.

There was the original sequel with Danny Glover, which was about as entertaining as a Lethal Weapon film without Mel. Then there was the appalling Alien vs Predator movies, which felt more like story-cuts out of a crappy, bargain-bin ATARI game from 1983 than actual films, and were so bad that most fanboys would rather take hot-irons to their own genitals than watch them ever again.

There was brief hope in 2010 that Predators, directed by respected veteran Robert Rodriguez, would kick some life back into the franchise; but was a giant kick to the nuts instead (no hot irons needed).

Now, with the advent of this latest trailer, it seems we might have something.

It actually looks pretty darn good. Dark, nasty and wickedly comedic. I admit it, I’m actually excited; and on learning of the R-rating I was fist-pumping at my screen yelling things like “Merica” and “F#ck Yeah!”

predator cast

Boyd Holbrook (left) and Thomas Jane (right).

Also, the cast is solid. We have Boyd Holbrook in the starring role, and he has proven himself a badass already by helping cap Pablo Escobar’s ass in Narcos. It also has veteran actor Thomas Jane, who has been both The Punisher and a man with an exceptionally large penis for hire in Hung. (Now there’s two franchises that should be crossed: Frank Castle dispensing both love AND justice. TAKE MY MONEY NOW GODAMMIT!!!).

Anyway, here’s The Predator’s official synopsis and trailer. Get around it…

“A young boy accidentally triggers an alert that brings the Predators back to Earth. The universe’s most lethal hunters have genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other alien species, and it’s up to a team of ex-soldiers and a science teacher to stop them.”

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