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Robert Rodriguez’s New VR Movie Stars Norman Reedus, AKA Daryl Dixon

Norman Reedus, The Limit

Michelle Rodriguez and The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus can now be watched in an immersive new VR box story from Robert Rodriguez.

The short film is The Limit; a groundbreaking twenty-minute VR box journey that stretches wider than 180 degrees. It’s designed to bridge the gap between traditional, large-format filmmaking and newer 360-degree video – and, most importantly, it has Norman Reedus.

Andy Vick and Rick Rey, co-presidents of Virtual Reality & Immersive Entertainment at STX Surreal (the production company behind the film), said in a statement. “In keeping with STX’s talent-driven model, we enlisted Robert Rodriguez, Michelle Rodriguez, and Norman Reedus, who collectively have millions of passionate fans across the globe, to break new ground and bring this category-busting cinematic VR box film to life.”

Watch the new movie trailer here…

The film is shot from the perspective of the viewer and, is essentially a series of action sequences. Michelle Rodriguez plays an enhanced super-assassin who is helping a rogue agent (the viewer) to bring down a rogue organization. Meanwhile, Norman Reedus is a mysterious soldier with a bulky cybernetic arm. Robert Rodriguez co-wrote the film with his 21-year-old son, Racer Rodriguez, who is also credited with creating the story for The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. The Limit is currently available for purchase

STX says that it’s the most widely distributed, paid VR box movie to date and is certainly one of the more lavish productions. In addition to the recognizable names in front of and behind the camera, The Limit also relies on a Hollywood-grade visual effects house (DNEG) for everything from heads-up displays to burning aircraft. It shouldn’t feel quite so much like a technological novelty.

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There are more VR box titles in the pipeline from the company as well, such as a Jay and Silent Bob experience (with Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, naturally) and a currently unnamed Dave Bautista action-comedy. The firm is trying to corner the VR movie market while it’s still young, all the while making it more palatable to people who still associate the technology with games or simple 360-degree showcase videos.

Robert Rodriguez will participate in a fireside chat on the Oculus Venues live event platform on Friday, Nov. 23 to discuss The Limit and show clips from the VR film. Audiences can tune-in on Oculus Go and Gear VR. You can also purchase and download The Limit as an app now on major VR box Platforms, including Oculus, Steam, Samsung VR, Viveport, Google Daydream, Google Play and Apple iOS.

Please tell us if Norman Reedus is half as badass as he is in The Walking Dead?

The Limit is available now at www.TheLimitVR.com

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