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Starwars: Chewbacca Actor Has Surgery

Chewbacca Actor Peter Mayhew reveals he’s undergone spinal surgery.

When you are ‎7ft and 3 inches tall (221 cm) there’s a chance that when you get older you may have some issues. Such is the case for former man-inside-the-wookie-suit, Peter Mayhew.

Mayhew has revealed via Twitter that he had undergone spinal surgery. He states that he will be fine and will be recovering for several weeks.

Peter Mayhew thankfully recovering well. Click pic for full Tweet.

Mayhew played the beloved wookie up until The Force Awakens, with the role now having been taken over by the 5cm smaller actor Joonas Suotamo.

Although Mayhew no longer plays Chewbacca, he still is highly active in the eyes of Star Wars fans, with a strong social media presence. He is also is quite the jokester, just like co-star Mark Hamill, and likes to stir things up (in a good way) online, and we highly recommend you follow his feed on Twitter.

As diehard Star wars fans one and all, the staff at Instabamm wish Peter a safe and quick recovery. He was, and is, our favorite ever wookie!

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