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Stranger Things: A Few Things About Season 3

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Stranger Things season 3 is currently filming, and though nothing but speculation has brewed on the net, the show’s producers have recently offered a few small tidbits on what’s to come…

Stranger Things is a nod to classic 80’s horror, while also having a distinct ‘Speilbergian’ feel to it, with an ample helping of Stephen King thrown in for good measure.

Season one was a rollercoaster ride into another dimension. Season two, while entertaining, was not half as gripping as the first season, and many fans and critics alike just didn’t feel it.

There’s plenty of time for redemption though, as a plethora of new episodes are on their way.

Co-creators the Duffer brothers have confirmed that a third season (and fourth) are in the works, while producer Shawn Levy has even teased a possible fifth. Rumors of a movie have also been surfacing, but this is little more than speculation.

Production is well underway on season three, but the show is widely reported as being methodically perfected down to the last detail in pre and post-production, so it is expected to be several more months until we see any footage.

The makers of Stranger Things jokingly produced a new teaser via a tweet last month, all in the form of an advertisement for the ‘new’ mall in Hawkins Indiana. There’s no real information about the third season in there, but watch closely for an amusing cameo…

The upcoming season is reported to run for eight episodes – which is an episode less than last year.

Season three will further explore the Upside-Down, but not all will be revealed, and possibly never will be.

Ross Duffer has told several media outlets that: “There’s no way the kids can ever truly fully understand this place. We have our Upside-Down document which describes its rules and its mythology in quite a bit of detail, but I think we’re just going to slowly parse that out, and maybe not even fully use all of it.

Matt Duffer elaborated that this season will focus more on character growth than scale: “It’s not necessarily going to be bigger in scale. What I am really excited about is giving these characters an interesting journey to go on.”

The Duffer brothers have also assured that many non-lead characters back-stories will be explored this season. People such as Hopper (David Harbour) and Steve (Joe Keery) will get lots more room to move and really come into their own.

Stranger things

Stranger Things characters: Hopper (David Harbour) and Steve (Joe Keery). (Source: Netflix)

In regards to the main characters (The Byers boys, their unique friends, and the powerful psychic child ‘Eleven’) it won’t be an easy ride, with producer Shaun Levy also noting that there will be “forces of evil that are new” in season three.

New baddies? This is extremely interesting. If anything, the second season lacked clarity on what these beings from the Upside Down are, and what they want? It will be fantastic to see their stories expanded, or chilling new bad guy/thing to kick the season off.

The makers of Stranger Things, as stated, are renowned for being slow and methodical, squeezing every ounce of amazing out of a given scene. Hence there being a substantial gap between seasons. Cindy Holland, Netflix’s VP of original content, explained that the delay has been because it’s a “handcrafted show”. “They want to deliver something bigger and better than what they did last year. And so they really want to take the time to get it right.”

So in a nutshell: the show won’t be out for another year. Backing characters will be heavily expanded upon, and there will be some serious new badasses. Not lots of info, but the best we could do without speculating.

We will keep you informed on everything Stranger Things. Watch this space.

The first two seasons are available to binge-watch now on Netflix.

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