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The Joker: A First Look

Jaquin Phoenix as 'arthur' - or The Joker Instabamm

New pictures of Joaquin Phoenix in pre-Joker mode make the famed DC villain’s new origin story SO MUCH more enticing.

Todd Phillips, the Director of the upcoming DC Comics movie, Joker, recently posted an unusual photo of his main star Joaquin Phoenix, and it has stirred up quite the buzz.

Looking particularly emaciated, with medium length hair, it seems the star hasn’t fully embraced the full ‘insane’ Joker persona, or make-up, but the picture still manages to solidly grab your attention.

An alarmingly gaunt Phoenix with the caption ‘Arthur’ – which can only be deduced as the Joker’s real name before he transforms into the ‘Clown Prince of Crime’ – squints arrogantly at the camera (see the featured pic at top of page).

We’ve also got what look to be the first shots from the set in New York…

The movie is set in the 80’s and follows the story of a man supposedly put aside by society. Joker is produced by Martin Scorsese and is said to be inspired by his film King of Comedy, which saw Robert De Niro play a failed stand-up comic who takes a late-night talk show host captive.

The upcoming project intends to focus on the origin story of the villain, unlike recent instances such as The Dark Knight and Suicide Squad, where old ‘smiley’ had already turned full-mad and was ruling the Gotham underworld.

Things are not totally rosy in the DC extended family right now, with recent reports of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill not reprising their Batman and Superman roles. Affleck has been in rehab, and on-off rumors of Cavill being dropped from his position flicker all over the interweb.

Superman and Batman Joker Instabamm

Superman and Batman decide who is bitch and who is butch. (Source: Warner Bros)

Both these actors’ respective characters are extremely relevant to the Joker, as Batman has always been his ultimate nemesis, while Superman has tangled with him in the comics and cartoons numerous times throughout their long history. Whether or not Batman and Superman are in the new origin film remains to be seen – but it would be downright awesome if they were.

DC has come forward and stated that “decisions regarding Superman had not been made” – all in an attempt to display themselves as still having a good relationship with Cavill.

Yet one never knows in the cutthroat world of superheroes. Anything can happen, and no one’s roles are ever completely safe. And let’s face it, DC really knows how to f#ck things up.

Though as supposed further proof of him still having the job, Cavill’s agent recently tweeted “Be peaceful, the cape is still in his closet.”

Meanwhile, Cavill himself has posted a bizarre Instagram video that also challenges the rumors: “today was exciting,” it says alongside the post. In it, he wears a ‘Krypton Lifting Team’ T-shirt while toying with a Superman action figure – but – as of this very hour, it seems Cavill may have actually lost the job, after negotiations for him to appear in DC’s upcoming Shazam have completely broken down.

Let’s hope that DC can make all the proper decisions that ultimately please the fans, and whether or not they keep Cavill, it would be great if they brought some ‘oomph’ back to Superman. Also, this Phoenix/Joker thing looks exceptionally dark, while simultaneously being amazingly promising.

We have our fingers crossed it’s not another PG-rated cash-grabbing letdown akin to Suicide Squad.

We’ll keep you posted.

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