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The Nun: New Poster and Questions about the Demon Valak?

The demon Valak, also known as The Nun. instabamm

The Nun’s new poster sets a scene of R-rated Terror.

No, the pic below is not a new Exorcist prequel or sequel poster. It’s the most recent promotional piece for The Nun: an upcoming spin-off from The Conjuring 2, and the fifth installment of The Conjuring Series.

Check it out…

the Nun's new poster. Instabamm

The new poster for the upcoming demonic horror film The Nun.

This poster undoubtedly does throw a respectful nod to the mother of all quality horror movies (The Exorcist). Light streaming down towards a black-hatted priest with a suitcase in hand, and evil dripping from every dark corner. All this is an ultra-familiar setting, purposely triggering a terrifying memory-jolt for anyone traumatized by the William Friedkin’s 1973 masterpiece, and is assuredly a tremendous way to promote another R-rated journey into the depths of hell itself.

In comparison, the original still for The Exorcist poster…

the Exorcist

The Exorcist. Source: Warner Bros.

Moving forward from groundbreaking 70’s terror-cinema and onto the subject of contemporary screen demons: the mysterious Hell-dweller Valak terrified audiences in Conjuring 2, most notably with the eerily pants-soiling ‘painting’ scene, and it will be exceptionally interesting to get some of this horrific nun’s backstory in the newest offering from the Conjuring universe.

Check out the ‘painting’ scene below…

(Did you watch that? Are you ok? Need a stiff drink? Maybe some valium? Some hard drugs? Harden up ya pansy. Haven’t you ever seen a demon before!)

Back to the poster…

This newest poster for The Nun includes three of the main cast: Demian Bichir as Father Burke, Taissa Farmiga (sister of The Conjuring star Vera Farmiga) as Sister Irene, and the demon Valak itself (Bonnie Aarons) standing in the doorway.

Scared yet? We are, and probably (make that definitely) need our undies changed. This new poster is darn creepy; but if you want to get a little more uncomfortable, have a read of the film’s official synopsis…

“When a young nun at a cloistered abbey in Romania takes her own life, a priest with a haunted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate. Together, they uncover the order’s unholy secret. Risking not only their lives but their faith and their very souls, they confront a malevolent force in the form of a demonic nun.”

Ok, the new poster sets a fist-bitingly frightening scene, grabbing your curiosity by its nuts, them giving them a 360-degree twist. While the synopsis sounds incredibly familiar, yet hauntingly interesting too – but – the big question on everyone’s mind is who and what is this evil nun? We’ve known from the start it’s a demon, but what’s its story?

Valak, the Satanic nun itself, is a creation of James Wan, director of Conjuring 2. He thought up the veiled demon so as to be a premonition for the Enfield Poltergeist case (the setting of Conjuring 2) and was influenced by the real Lorraine Warren (the real-life inspiration for Vera Farmiga’s character in the Conjuring films), who told him that she had once encountered a “swirling vortex of evil, with a dark, hooded figure at the centre.”

It’s only fitting that something this scary got a film of its own.

Also, if you read a bit of demon lore (as you do), you will soon find out that Valak (or Ualac, Valac, Valax, Valu, Valic, Volac) is none other than one of the Kings of Hell, and often depicted as riding a two-headed dragon while commanding thirty legions of demons. Furthermore, Valak, in occult texts, most often takes on the visage of a small child with wings, which is remarkably different to a corpse-faced nun – but who’s complaining? Anyone? Not us, that’s for sure! Take our money NOW.

It’s a terrifying combination: this fictional evil Nun from the mind of a horror guru, and a legit worshipped demon, not unlike something straight out of a 17th-century witch’s grimoire. So knowing this, and being a true horror fan, you would have be somewhat excited about The Nun right now, yes? For sure!

In a nutshell, the poster looks unquestionably rad. The trailers have been terrifying, and as mentioned, The Nun has a dirty great big R-rating. These are all key combinations for some quality horror; and if we get a solid script and some quality acting, The Nun may be a rival to Hereditary as the horror movie of the year. Who knows?

Let’s see what Valak and the gang have in store for us on September 7th, 2018 when The Nun is released globally – and bring spare undies!

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