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The Walking Dead: All About Season 9

The Walking Dead October release has been confirmed by US network AMC, along with a HEAP of gossip.

The ninth series of The Walking Dead is filming at this very moment in Atlanta Georgia, and though no actual hard date has been put forward, a series renewal was greenlit in early 2018 for sixteen episodes, and now AMC has confirmed a definite US Autumn 2018 release (October).

Last year’s series premiered on October 22, so it is no surprise that the new series will air on a very similar date.

TWD fans and cast alike have been rocked by reports that English actor Andrew Lincoln, who has played the show’s main protagonist, Rick Grimes, is leaving.

TWD lead character Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is making a departure from the show in Season 9. (Source: AMC)

The actor who played Grimes’s former on-screen son, Carl (Chandler Riggs), recently had something to say about Lincoln’s departure from the show, expressing he was “surprised” by him deciding to leave, but that further elaborated that his ‘Dad’ did have to leave his real-life family in England to film TWD in the States every year, and that it was exceptionally difficult.

There are also numerous reports and rumors circulating that the amazingly popular badass-redneck ‘Daryl Dixon’ (Norman Reedus), will replace Lincoln in the lead role. Even though Daryl is not in the original comics and was initially written to be killed off in the first series, he has stayed on in the show due to developing a huge on-screen fanbase. This would take the series in uncharted directions, completely different to the books. Yet, with Daryl’s popularity, this could undoubtedly work, breathing life into a show that desperately needs a lift in pace and characterization; and stone-cold, no-nonsense Daryl is not one to bore.

The most interesting rumor in the works right now is that Jon Bernthal’s character, the long dead ‘Shane’ is making a comeback. He died at the hands of his best friend Rick at the end of Season 2 (see below)…


Bernthal, a seriously accomplished actor, now known best for playing the lead in the Netflix/Marvel series The Punisher, would be a welcome addition back to the show – yet – could only be possible flashback material directly from the mind of Rick, seeing as he (Shane) was killed, then turned outright. He (Bernthal) has been photographed on the Season 9 set and will be assuredly turning up in the TWD universe again.

Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh in TWD (Source: AMC)

Lastly, TWD is suspected to take a substantial time-jump in season 9. This makes complete sense, and will make Rick’s departure easier. Also, there were images of an older Rick in the last episode of season 8 – maybe hinting how far that jump will be? In the comic-series Carl eventually takes the reins from his Dad, but Carl is now dead in the TV series, so this uncovered new ground is going to spawn an interesting and unpredictable season, no matter which direction it ends up taking, or who is at the helm. Let’s wait and see.

Instabamm will keep you posted on all the major TWD news.

The first 8 episodes of The Walking Dead will in air October through to September on the AMC network.

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