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Bond: ‘True Detective’ Director Signed For Next Bond Film

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Cary Fukunaga has been given the green light to direct Daniel Craig in the forthcoming James Bond movie.

Bond producers have confirmed Fukunaga’s hiring, with production on Bond 25 now set to begin in London in March 2019. This makes the American filmmaker the first non-British director to helm the sixty-five-year-old franchise.

“We are delighted to be working with Cary,” longtime Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson said on Twitter. “His versatility and innovation make him an excellent choice for our next James Bond adventure.”

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Fukunaga shot to fame after he directed all eight episodes of the first season of HBO’s limited series True Detective which won him an Emmy. The director also received a substantial career boost with the Sundance Festival breakout Sin Nombre: a gritty immigration drama focusing on a pair of young Hondurans on the lam from bloodthirsty gang lords while attempting to cross the U.S. border. He has also directed an acclaimed Jane Eyre adaptation, as well as Netflix’s first original movie Beasts of No Nation. Fukunaga’s most recent release is Maniac – a series featuring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, released on Netflix last week.

Fukunaga was deemed to direct the horror movie It for Warner Bros, but dropped out due to creative content differences – not unlike the reasons that the original director of Bond 25, Danny Boyle, left the Bond franchise.

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Bond 25 is set to be Fukunaga’s biggest gig to date behind the camera. The up-and-coming director is seen as an eclectic and peculiar indie filmmaker and cinematographer, who has brought an audacious visual style to gritty action-adventure, making him tailor-made for Bond 25, and undoubtedly also enabling the well-worn franchise to take on a whole new feel.

The Bond 25 pre-production has been wracked with setbacks, and it is hoped that Fukunaga’s guidance brings some ‘solace’ back to the new 007.

MGM has set a February 2020 release date, several months after the sequel’s initial scheduled release of November 2019.

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