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True Detective: Season 3 Trailer

True Detective 3. Instabamm

True Detective Season 3 is coming. Will it be a success like the first season, or a bomb like the second?

Audiences assumed that True Detective was a finished after 2015’s lackluster Season 2; but now, four years later – it’s back.

As expected, the characters are once again all new, yet the underlying theme is still the same as the first season: really bad people that hurt kids.

This time around TD is set in the Ozarks instead of the swamps of the deep south. Judging by the trailer, it does seem to have that eerie Deliverance kind of feeling, also not unlike like the first season. The makers are obviously trying to conjure up some of the dark majesty that made the first season so powerful.

stephen dorff blade True detective instabamm

Stephen Dorff as one of cinema’s most underrated bad guys – the evil upstart vampire Deacon Frost –  in Blade (Source: New Line Cinema).

The cast looks solid, although it does lack that true A-list star-power of the first two series. It includes Mahershala Ali, who’s a bonafide Oscar winner albeit not a household name. Stephen Dorff, who was huge, but fell off the A-list decades ago – yet who is still good in everything he’s in. Scoot Mcnairy from that smart yet canceled show Halt and Catch Fire (maybe it was the ridiculous show name that turned everyone off?). Quantico‘s Josh Hopkins. Mamie Gummer from The Good Wife. Carmen Ejogo from Alien: Covenant, and Michael Graziadei from American Horror Story – who’s probably best known for his many years playing Daniel Romalotti on The Young & the Restless.

Going back to where it all started, Season 1 was a major hit and many viewers credited that to the cast. How could anybody possibly go wrong with McConaughey and Harrelson? It also had the man who is now the most in-demand director in the world at its helm – Cary Fukunaga (Maniac, upcoming Bond 25).

The show involved two hard-boiled, polar-opposite Southern cops, with Matthew playing Rust Cohle and Woody playing Marty Hart. Yet, it wasn’t just the acting and direction that made this show great. It was the whole unique package wrapped up into one gut-wrenchingly strange experience. Everything was oh-so-well-done, from the locations to the writing, directing, and even the music by T-Bone Burnett.

Woody and Matt in True Detective Season 1. Instabamm

Woody and Matt in True Detective Season 1 (Source: HBO).

Season 2 was panned by just about everyone, even though the acting was stellar. It may not have had McConaughey and Harrelson, but it did have Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn. That haunting, original feeling may not have ever really been there, but the opening theme song, again, by T-Bone Burnett did a lot to set the stage for each show. Unfortunately, the writing was misthought and underwhelming, and the season-ending left audiences crying foul when the lead character played by Farrell was unceremoniously killed off. It was not a patch on TD’s first installment.

Game of Thrones Instabamm

Season 3 does look interesting though. We will definitely give it a try.

The official Season 3 synopsis reads…

“The next installment of True Detective tells the story of a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks, and a mystery that deepens over decades and plays out in three separate time periods.”

Check out the new trailer…

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