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The Walking Dead: Mid-Season Trailer Shows New Details of The Whisperers

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AMC has released The Walking Dead mid-season trailer, giving us a first look at the second half of Season 9, and a proper glimpse at Whisperers Alpha and Beta.

Alpha and Beta, the leaders of the Whisperers, have until now only existed in Robert Kirkman’s comic books. Now that they are being fully explored on the show, and can now be seen in this new The Walking Dead mid-season trailer (see below), they have almost broken the internet, and the world has gone completely batshit crazy for The Walking Dead again.

The Following Article Contains The Walking Dead Spoilers.

Check out the new mid-season trailer…

The Whisperers are a savage and deranged cult-like enemy who camouflage themselves in the flesh of the dead, and on top of that they are nothing short of pure evil.

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“How evil,” you ask? Very evil indeed. More evil than Negan and The Governor combined. So evil in fact, that Whisperer leader Alpha (Samantha Morton) legitimately terrified the man who plays Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

“She’s scared the bejeezus out of all the crew, actually,” said Lincoln during New York Comic Con when the conversation turned towards the subject of the new actress. “Someone was doing an impersonation of a scene that she did, and even that scared me… I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s really scary.”

The whisperers from The Walking Dead. Instabamm

The new Whisperers cast in The Walking Dead. Source: AMC

The bald villainess will be joined by teenage daughter Lydia (Cassady McClincy) and the extremely loyal right-hand man/henchman, Beta (Ryan Hurst), and all will play ever-increasing roles as they further encroach on the relatively peaceful life currently being enjoyed by Michonne (Danai Gurira), Carol (Melissa McBride) and all the other survivors.

The evil new freaks have also just claimed their first victim; and sadly, it was the likable interim Hilltop leader Jesus (Tom Payne), who was cut down in a cemetery as a savage warning against invading Whisperer territory – all after rescuing Eugene, then getting fatally cornered in a scene that was akin to something out of a Stephen King film.

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One of the Whisperers feigning ‘zombiness.’ Source AMC.

Even after giving us our first glimpses of the Whisperers bloody capabilities, the creators’of The Walking Dead have only touched the surface of their whole mythos surrounding them, and there will be lots more brutal surprises to come – especially if the upcoming episodes even remotely follow the brutal storyline of the Whisperer War in The Walking Dead comics.

New showrunner Angela Kang noted Morton (Alpha) had worked with a dialect coach and learning “a brand-new accent that she didn’t know at all,” and that she fully embraced the grimy outerwear famously donned by her comic book counterpart – going full method actor it seems, and living her part.

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If the new actors are this dedicated to their characters, just think of how terrifying The Walking Dead is going to be for the next eight episodes of season 9? You combine that with Negan on the loose, and Rick Grimes AWOL – and we just might have some new bad guys big and bad enough to fill this giant cast-hole that the very same Rick Grimes has left in the wake of his recent departure.

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