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WENTWORTH: Freak Fans Almost Break the Internet

The Freak, Wentworth, Pamela Rabe

Wentworth fans were left reeling after an open-ended ‘Freak’ reveal in last night’s episode.


Fans of the Foxtel’s Wentworth almost broke the internet last night, after some light was finally shed on the fate of toxic prison Governer turned inmate Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) – known to most as the Freak.

Ferguson was buried alive in the gripping season five finale (2017), with no closure on whether she was actually dead or not. As a result of this mystery surrounding the Freak’s supposed demise, fans have frustratingly waited for almost the full length the current season to find out what really occurred, but have only been treated to PTSD hallucinations from the mind of the man who buried her, prison guard Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva).

The Freak, Pamela Rabe

The Freak (Pamela Rabe) manifesting in a hallucination. Source: Foxtel

In last week’s episode ‘Freak activity’ was stepped up a notch, and black gloves – just like those worn by the Freak – were left on the bed of Governer Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson), after her home was invaded by an unknown prowler. No closure was delivered, and again fans were put on edge.

It had to be the Freak, right?

In last night’s highly anticipated episode, the shallow grave of the Freak was finally uncovered. All fans knew this was going to happen – as photos were released in a TV Week report a fortnight ago.

The BIG question everyone desperately wanted answered in last night’s viewing was: Will it be an empty grave, or will Ferguson’s remains still be in there?

In a move that has severely disappointed many fans, a decomposed body dressed in a teal prison uniform was briefly shown. Yet, the body had very little resemblance to the Freak.

To complicate things further, there was a brief, final, scene of an unknown ‘someone’ filming the grave-diggers – further adding to the mystery surrounding the true fate of Joan Ferguson.

The legions of rabid fans of Pamela Rabe, and Wentworth in general, took to their keyboards within minutes of the episode finishing, with gigabytes of theories, memes, and speculation furiously flying across the interweb. Yet to no avail, and no conclusions reached. The jury is still out on what has actually happened to the Freak?

Some say she’s dead. Others say it wasn’t her at all. Many are disappointed, some just don’t really care. Some have actually even threatened to boycott the show if it was the Freak. (Wentworth fans are in an unmatched league of their own when it comes down to passion for a TV show. Just type Wentworth into Twitter and read the comments for proof).

It’s a plot-line/point of contention that has polarised fans like no other in Wentworth’s six-year history.


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