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Wentworth: The Freak is BACK!!

Screen Australia includes Pamela Rabe’s name on the Wentworth season 6 cast-list.

Rejoice Wentworth superfans. The Freak is coming back.

Just this afternoon the Screen Australia Wentworth season 6 page was updated to include the actor who plays the Freak (Pamela Rabe). She has been completely absent from the series itself, as well as all Wentworth credits – up until right now – with the majority of fans wondering if she would ever come back at all after maybe dying in the gripping season 5 finale.

Well, she is back. Here’s your proof…

Wentworth freak spoiler

Note Pamela Rabe’s name second from the left. For the full Screen Australia details, click the pic (source: Screen Australia).


This comes in the aftermath of a major spoiler last night, and on which Instabamm was the sole reporter. You can view these hastily taken down spoilers HERE. All of them still ring true.

We hope this legitimate, and not some sort of hoax; but by all appearances it is the real deal.

What do you think about this? Are you happy? Feel free to comment below.

(Featured image via Foxtel).

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