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Wentworth: How do YOU think the Freak will return?

Joan Ferguson

The debate over how, when and if the Freak will return has raged amongst Wentworth fans since she was buried alive. Now we ask YOU how you think it will happen? Or if it will happen at all?

Will the Freak return to Wentworth? This is the big question that all superfans have been asking each other since the sociopathic prison guard turned inmate, Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe), was buried alive by deputy Governer Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) in the season five finale.

Many thought the Freak was out for good – dead, buried, finished – but this seems to not be the case.

Shadows and whisperings of the Freak have popped up all season – and there has been no closure on her actual death (we never saw her actually die). Now, Pamela Rabe’s name has popped back up in the Screen Australia cast credits, and last week she repeatedly appeared as a highly entertaining hallucination to the man who killed her, Will Jackson.

Most interesting of all is the teaser for next week’s upcoming episode eight, in which the Freak’s presence is heavily felt.

Check it out below…(then keep reading).

The writers at Fremantle Media are exceptionally clever. They have been building ‘Freak tension’ this whole series, and have kept Pamela Rabe under lock and key (pardon the pun) – as she has not said a single word about returning, even after winning the ‘Best Actress’ Logie (Australian TV Awards) this year, and delivering her speech via video from London.

We will throw it out there and say this is for one solid reason – SHE’S COMING BACK.

Analysing the teaser, it seems the Freak is going after the woman who took her job, and who also played a big part in having her sacked and locked up: current Wentworth Governer, Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson). Let’s not also forget that in the most recent episode Vera’s ‘pips’ (her Governers shoulder badges/insignia) were missing from her uniform after being sent off for dry cleaning. Who else would want to steal the Governer’s badges? We can only think of one person – and who do you think that might be?

This will make for ball-tearing TV, and if she is to reappear it is expected that ratings for the rest of the season will go through the roof, with the Freak being a gigantic fan favourite, and now having a ‘mythical beast’ quality to her character. Just the media reports and interviews alone after Pamela Rabe makes her first ‘alive’ appearance will catapult the show back to stratospheric viewer figures. (We’d love it if the show received such crazy ratings that the powers that be reconsidered the ‘axing’ – wouldn’t you love to see this too? We will assuredly write an article on this in the aftermath of Joan’s return).

Do you agree with us; do you think the Freak is back? Do you think she is back this week? Maybe you don’t think she is back at all?

We have put together a 2 question poll below. Vote on what you think is going to happen, and feel free to write anything you feel in the comments.

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