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Wentworth: Old Freak vs the New Freak – SPOILERS – plus a Freak Tribute

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Contains Wentworth Spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

It’s no secret that here at Instabamm we love the Freak (Pamela Rabe). We also loved the old Freak (Maggie Kirkpatrick) from network 10’s groundbreaking 1980’s series Prisoner, from which Wentworth is loosely based.

Who is better? We couldn’t say – they both are brilliant in different ways. Maggie’s portrayal showed us a tough, unrelenting screw who could be evil, but who also, sometimes, had a heart.

Pamela’s Freak is just a straight-up toxic sociopath, with no heart whatsoever.

Both are multi-layered and amazingly terrifying. Both will stop at nothing to get what they want. Both are undisputedly awesome.

Spoilers have leaked from tomorrow’s unaired episode (episode 7) of Wentworth where the Freak will reappear, in uniform, in what looks like some type of dream sequence or hallucination via mentally tortured prison guard Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva).

Check out the spoiler pics and info at your own peril HERE.

As a result of analysing this spoiler, it unfortunately feels like our time with the Freak will end.

This is slightly disappointing, as we hoped that old ‘Freaky Tits’ had dug herself out of the ground – but – looking at the spoiler pics, it seems as though these scenes would’ve been shot last year (we hope we are wrong), and that the new footage of Joan Ferguson, though unaired, isn’t really that new. If this is true, it dashes any hopes of the Freak actually being alive and points more hard evidence to the fact that Pamela Rabe has never been on set for seasons 6 or 7. This is a total bummer for diehard superfans, but we grudgingly agree it makes total sense.

(Let’s wait and see though. All is not yet lost. The writers of Wentworth are proven masters of their craft, and whatever Freaky goodness they decide to give us will undoubtedly be top-notch).

If there’s any truth to what we’ve perceived – and this is the end – why not post a video tribute to the majesty of old Freak, while also highlighting the brilliance of our beloved, contemporary former governor turned inmate too? If it is goodbye, why not give you some quality ‘FREAK TIME.’

Five vids of the old Freak, five of the new. Kick back, try not to laugh or cry out loud. Enjoy!

Introducing the ‘old’ Freak…


The new Freak says hello…


The old Freak taunts the old Bea…


The new Freak cuts out Juice’s tongue..


The old Freak doing her rounds…


The new Freak kicks some ass…


The old Freak on laughing gas…


The new Freak becomes top dog…


The old Freak and the old Rita Connors…


Will Jackson buries the old Freak alive…

Wentworth airs Tuesday nights at 8:30pm (Melbourne time) on Foxtel’s Showcase channel. 

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(Featured image – top of page – shows Pamela Rabe losing it as the ‘new’ Freak. Source: Foxtel).

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