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Wentworth: Is She Really Gone?

Last night’s latest episode of Wentworth dispensed with one of the show’s most beloved characters.

At Instabamm we are still in shock. Franky is gone! We are stoked she got out alive and happy, and it was an amazing (if maybe a just slightly premature) episode. Yet, we feel this is a red herring. It has made you feel all warm and fuzzy, simply for the fact that shit is about to get REAL.

Franky Doyle (Nicole da Silva) is an outstanding fan fave. The strong, cheeky, lesbian, who’s character has evolved from murderous top-dog to righteous do-gooder on a mission to clear her name will be sorely missed. And now that Franky has cleared her name, this is just great – but what now? What about us – the superfans? That’s two of the strongest characters gone since the Season 5 finale, and quite simply – we’ve waited long enough, and it’s now high-time to deliver the goods!

As mentioned in detail in a previous article, we believe that some space has to be cleared for the strong new characters, and most importantly the re-arrival of the Freak. Nicole DaSilva leaving the cast of Wentworth now makes way for the strong new blood, and is a clever executive decision, but these newbies now have some massive shoes to fill. Things really need to start cracking, and we need more hands in laundry presses, and more tongues cut out of heads, pronto!!

Is Franky gone forever? We hope not, but we will know soon enough. There is potential for everything to get turned on its head, and for Franky to get hunted outside the walls of Wentworth by the Freak (Pamela Rabe), but this is simply hopeful speculation on our part. It will be easy enough to find out what production’s Nicole da Silva is soon to be involved in, as she is undoubtedly in high demand, and we will keep you well posted.

Are both the Freak (top: Pamela Rabe), and Franky (Bottom: Nicole da Silva) gone forever? We hope not! (Source: Foxtel).

Numerous nods were thrown at the Freak last night, with mentally tortured prison guard Will Jackson (Robbie J. Magasiva) now outwardly projecting his anguish after burying the bitch alive. We expected her to pop up at any time – covered in blood and dirt, wielding a butchers knife – but no, nothing yet.

Pamela Rabe, the actress who plays the Freak, won a Logie (Australian TV awards) two days ago, and made a pre-recorded acceptance speech from London. This outrightly confirms she is still in the game, although not one hint has been given on when or where she will resurface by anyone linked creatively to Wentworth. They could not let an asset this hot leave the show, surely?

We are dying here, and we now need definitive answers. With the departure of the Freak and now Franky, and with the patient development of the new badasses, we are desperately in some need of some oldskool Wentworth action.

Bring it girls! Bring it in the next episode, for fuck’s sake!! (Last part yelled in a very strong ‘Birdsworthian’ Melbourne accent).

Wentworth is aired Tuesdays at 8:30pm (Melbourne time) on Foxtel’s Showcase channel. 

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