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Wentworth: Has the Best Show on TV Been Axed? Here’s Everything We Know…

The reports that Wentworth will finish after 2019’s season 7 seem legitimate.

If it is a matter of dollars, cents and behind the scenes drama that we know nothing of – then this is the only possible explanation why a show this highly celebrated insanely popular has been axed.

Rumors have abounded for weeks, but things really got serious when this anonymous tweet appeared from an unidentifiable source, supposedly from inside the Wentworth camp, several days ago…

The notorious, anonymous tweet regarding Wentworth being axed.

The tweet undeniably seems to have a female cast feel to it.

Since then micro-articles have appeared in every major publication Australia-wide. All have only hinted at the possibility of the show being discontinued, with little to no research or weak speculation from past cast-members.

The most convincing news came from entertainment reporter Peter Ford, when he recently assured Melbourne’s 3AW Breakfast hosts that the drama Wentworth has been axed, and “the Newport set is currently being dismantled.”

A source inside the Melbourne TV industry has also told Instabamm that the rumors are true, and season 7 (next year’s season) will be Wentworth’s final. The source would not elaborate on ‘why’ or how’ – but assured us things are “finished.”

If any of this is bona fide information, and is not purpose-spread rumors for ratings, it’s undeniably heartbreaking news for Wentworth’s legion of dedicated fans and ultra-talented cast alike – especially after dominating so heavily at the 2018 Logie Awards three weeks ago.

Foxtel has now released a statement commenting on the cancellation rumors, stating, “Discussions between Foxtel and Fremantle Media regarding future seasons of Wentworth continue.”

In the aftermath of this statement, no conclusive answers are yet to have been put forward by anyone involved in the show, but if these parties are negotiating, it seems there is some chance that the show could be continued. Albeit a very slim chance if there is any truth in the pre-mentioned rumors.

Wentworth has also undergone a discernible ramp-down in pace throughout the current season. Fans have shown some displeasure in this, while additionally displaying further annoyance at their favorite characters departing.

At the commencement of the last season (2017) fans had still not recovered from the death of Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack), but were heftily rewarded for her bloody demise with a rollicking Freak-orientated weekly bonanza across twelve episodes. In comparison, this year’s sluggish new season, now five episodes deep, has not been as agreeable for many. As a result, ratings have slipped to approx 90,000 overnight viewers. This is down from the usual 140,000.

As of this week, things still aren’t going the way fans want. The Freak (Pamela Rabe) is dead, maybe? Much loved former top-dog Franky Doyle (Nicole da Silva) is out free, and Lizzy Birdsworth (Celia Ireland) is jabbing toasters with steel utensils, undoubtedly preparing the way for her to develop Alzheimer’s or dementia. These are plot-lines that are far from pleasing for the majority of Wentworth’s audience.

Whether this is just an educated pause in the action to develop the new characters for a pushed-forward bloody finale, or to give emphasis to some unexpected ‘oomph’ and hard-hitting revelations in future episodes, all remains to be seen. In any case, Wentworth undoubtedly needs to kick back into gear, axed or not.

The second largest kick in the guts for all fans has been the pre-mentioned Freak’s fate – or lack of. Her status has barely been touched on this season, except for some PTSD/nightmare scenes, care of the man who buried her alive, Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva). Fans have wanted full disclosure, and it has been incredibly frustrating for many that Joan Ferguson has not been seen to actually die via flashback, or alternatively, that she has not popped up out of the shadows, covered in dirt, brandishing a butcher’s knife, with bloody revenge as her driving agenda.

The fans have howled for finality on this issue via social media since the season 5 finale, and sadly have never received it. Now, with the crushing news that Wentworth will likely be finishing, and the much hoped for possibility of Ferguson’s miraculous return fading fast, any delayed ‘Freakish’ reappearances will now probably be construed as too little too late.

These are truly dark days for diehard fans of the ground-breaking Australian drama, and global devotees can only hope that something positive happens very soon. To hear hard evidence that Wentworth’s demise is utterly fake would brighten the hearts of the dedicated millions – the ‘Teal-loving’ journalists here at Instabamm included.

We await final, definitive confirmation from Foxtel or Fremantle Media on Wentworth’s true fate.

An online petition to save Wentworth can be signed HERE.

You can read Instabamm’s previous articles relating to our predictions and musings on Wentworth’s sixth season, pre-axing rumors, HERE.

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