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Wentworth: It BETTER be the Freak!

Instabamm The Freak (Pamela Rabe). Souce: Foxtel

The time has come. We are finally going to get full closure on whether or not Joan Ferguson lives.

Observing this week’s numerous Wentworth spoilers has been interesting, frustrating and enthusing all at once. Are the good people at Fremantle Media going to deliver? Or are they going to give us a Wentworth equivalent of The Last Jedi (which for all you non-Star Wars fans: means something with lots of hype and promise, but which never delivers – completely disregarding the story build-up, all continuance possibilities, and most importantly…the fans).

Joan Ferguson Sith Lord Pamela Rabe Instabamm

Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) is also a Sith Lord? No, it’s just Pamela horsing around on-set. Source: Twitter

We at Instabamm really don’t think we are going to get a sloppy, ill-written Last Jedi ending to this season (well, we hope not). The writers of the show are far too practiced. Yet, we had to throw it out there, as writers can be dicks when they know that they, or their show, is getting canned. Just look at the final episodes of Dexter, Soprano’s or the first season finale of Wolf Creek.

We’ve waited for eleven episodes now, hanging on to the edge of our couches every-single-godamned-week, to find out WTF has happened to everyone’s most cherished psychopath; the one and only Freak, also known as Joan Ferguson, played by the amazingly talented and totally mesmerising Pamela Rabe.

Pamela Rabe Foxtel Instabam the freak Joan ferguson

Fan fave Pamela Rabe as Joan Ferguson – for a while donning the teal. Source: Foxtel

It’s been discouraging sometimes – Freakspotting for 50 mins every week, then getting kicked in the guts every time the credits roll. All you want on a Tuesday night is to see old Freaky-tits jumping out from behind a tree with a butcher’s knife, but we’ve only had Freak-flashbacks and PTSD-orientated delusions/hallucinations – that were all probably filmed within production of season 5, then purposely put into season 6, just to give us something.

We have our theories though, and we bet you have yours? Now it’s all come down to the wire. The truth must be revealed tonight, or Wentworth is probably going to lose lots of viewers.

We are DONE waiting, and a clip from the synopsis of tonight’s episode looks promising…

“Vera is questioned by the police about her involvement with Joan’s escape, while her life is put in danger as the stalker is finally revealed.”

Before we elaborate on the possibilities, here’s an extremely quick recap just in case you’ve been living under a very large rock – or in jail…

In the season 5 finale, Ferguson was shown to be buried alive by the formerly upstanding and incorruptible deputy Governor Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva). There was never closure on whether or not the Freak actually died, as we did not see her actual death. See below…

Throughout season 6 there have been continual whisperings and rumors of Ferguson, but Wentworth has essentially gone on without her. It has only been in the last several episodes, since a mysterious prowler/blackmailer has been harassing Governor Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson), that the show has once again become highly Freak-centric.

As a consequence of this prowler/blackmailer, both other involved parties: Will and Jake (Bernard Curry) have fully come on board with Vera, going so far as to dig up the Freak’s shallow grave – revealing a body that looked nothing like Ferguson (though none of them clocked onto the fact that it probably wasn’t her).

Pamela Rabe Foxtel Instabam the freak Joan ferguson

Our three anti-heroes: Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva), Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson) and Jake (Bernard Curry) digging up the past. Source: Foxtel.

Now, the trio has ruled out that it wasn’t disgraced former regional director Derek ‘Golden Showers’ Channing (Martin Sacks) who was blackmailing them; as they paid him a surprise visit, then also discovered him ‘hunting’ the Freak during a cash drop to pay the blackmailer off.

The money was then taken while they were subduing a gun-toting Channing at the drop-off, alluding to the fact it’s totally someone else.

Last week’s episode also showed the cops digging up Ferguson’s grave (they’d been tipped off), and also someone with black gloves (who could that be?) in a car, communicating with them via SMS before and during the rip-off at the drop-off.


Well, it had BETTER be the Freak. Right?

Pamela Rabe Foxtel Instabam the freak Joan ferguson

Who IS that? Source: Foxtel

This whole argument – whether the Freak lives or not – has been a giant point of contention amongst the rabid legions of Wentworth superfans for a year now; and whether you want her back or not, you would assuredly just want to know what happened to her, and you want to know tonight. Right?

Tallying up results of surveys we have done here on Instabamm, as well as reactions we have had from previous Wentworth articles, 70% of fans want her back in the show, 30% don’t. Yet, pretty much ALL fans want total closure on the absolute true fate of Joan Ferguson, and they want it now.

Pamela Rabe is one very popular lady today – and theories on tonight’s episode have hit DEFCON 1 here in Melbourne this morning.

Pamela Rabe Foxtel Instabam the freak Joan ferguson

Joan (Pamela Rabe) and her ‘you are going to die next’ smile. Source: Soho

If the journalist’s here at instabamm were writing the script for tonight’s episode, here are the possibilities we would have thrown around the writer’s room regarding what has happened and what will happen to the Freak…

  1. It’s the Freak. She will endure.

Ferguson somehow clawed herself out of the grave, or was helped out, soon after being buried. On re-emergence she went on the run, hiding out and planning revenge. She killed somebody that everyone knows then re-buried them in her grave (we have gone with Maxine, but it could be anyone). Tonight, she shows herself, and is subsequently cornered and captured, going back inside, then giving us a hell of a plot-line for the final season of Wentworth in 2019. Alternately, she could go back on the run for the final season, continuing to mess with one and all from the outside, but this is definitely a weaker plot, and not half as exciting as her going back in. (The Freak and Rita Connors doing battle inside Wentworth!! OMG).

  1. It’s the Freak. She dies tonight.

Same as the previous theory, except instead of going back to Wentworth, Ferguson meets her true demise tonight. She will die hard. It will be much bloodier and more disturbing than both Bea and Jac’s deaths combined. She is the Big Bad after all, and karma is a bitch.

  1. It’s not the Freak at all. She died in the ground. Someone else has been messing with the staff.

This is The Last Jedi ending that we truly don’t want. For example, Fletch pops back up with black gloves on and ruins everything Freak-lovers have wished and hoped for. If this or something similar happens, this will not be good for the show (you can be assured lots of devoted viewers and Rabe fans alike will be GONE afterward).

These are our theories, and we like to think that we are in some way right about how Joan Ferguson’s ultimate fate will be revealed, if it is revealed at all.

Tonight, we will see.

What do you think? Comment below – we’d love to hear your theories about this.

Help us out, give us your thoughts. Long live the Freak!

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