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Wentworth: No Longer ‘Axed’ – 2 Extra Seasons Announced

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Everyone’s favorite Australian prison drama, Wentworth, has been reinstated for two extra seasons, and will not be axed at all.

Wentworth, the award-winning Melbourne-based prison drama has been renewed for another two seasons, despite plentiful rumors that season seven – airing next year – would be the show’s final offering.

Shooting will recommence next September for season 8, which will be screening in 2020, and also for season 9 in 2021. It is usual for Fremantle Media, the production company behind Wentworth, to shoot two seasons back to back.

The renewal comes on top of Wentworth Season 6 having been already aired this year, and the surprise extra seasons will take the series to a grand total of 100 episodes.

Not more than a few months ago there was speculation the series had been axed, but Foxtel gave nothing away to fans, indicating that discussions were ongoing. The Wentworth cast and crew alike were also exceptionally tight-lipped, never giving away any Wentworth spoilers of any kind, ever.

This year’s rumored axing led to a fan campaign to ‘Save Wentworth’ – which showed that the frothing legions of superfans had not had enough of the gritty Australian prison drama. Whether the campaign effective or not in the whole scheme of things is unknown, but surely the show’s makers must have taken just a little notice?

TV Tonight reported that discussions regarding Wentworth’s fate took place between Fremantle Australia CEO Chris Oliver-Taylor, Fremantle Director of Scripted Jo Porter, Foxtel CEO Patrick Delany, Foxtel Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh, and Foxtel Head of Drama Penny Win. It is great to see that the show will now endure as a result.

Foxtel is expected to formally announce the renewal, and in-turn officially re-open the speculation-gates of Wentworth prison for fans within the next month. (There’s lots to speculate about).

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(Can they also announce the much-needed return of the Freak? Or just tell us she is gone for good, and why? She did win the golden Logie this year – and the amazing actress in question, Pamela Rabe, has remained ABSOLUTELY AND UTTERLY silent on the matter of a possible return, and has also said nothing about NEVER returning at all. Also, after that TERRIBLE season 6 Wentworth final, the reappearance of Joan Ferguson could somehow appease heavily disgruntled superfans – like us).

The series, sometimes known as Wentworth Prison, is based on Reg Watson-created Prisoner, is currently Australia’s longest-running one-hour drama, sold to 141 international territories, plus German, Dutch & Turkish franchises.

Season 7 is due to screen to Australian audiences on FOX Showcase in June 2019.

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