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Wentworth: Theories on the Freak’s Return Due to Untimely Spoiler Release

Wentworth's Freak in Season 5


While tweeting about Wentworth and sharing love for the Freak (Pamela Rabe) early this morning, a fellow superfan sent me a still of Wentworth’s Season 7 page on Screen Australia.

This page has since been removed due to complete outrage by fans. It gives away a brief synopsis on season 7 while simultaneously letting anyone take a worthy guess at how season 6 will end.

Look away if you don’t want to know anything. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Here it is…

The spoiler that appeared on Screen Australia (via screen Australia)

Nothing here was truly unforeseeable, but let’s break it down…

We all know that Rita (Leah Purcell) and Marie (Susie Porter) were going to go to war, so there’s nothing surprising there. Yet, go a bit further down the paragraph and you will see the words ‘with the case of Joan Ferguson put to bed.’

This would imply that the Freak has popped up once more in season 6 and has been properly killed, or her ‘buried alive’ status has finally had full closure.

Season 6 is only halfway done (6 out of 12 episodes have been shown), and there’s been no sign of Ferguson, except in the tortured mind of prison guard Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva), and fans have been bursting their brains trying to find out if she is truly dead or not.

This synopsis partially proves that she will be back, or alternatively, that her true demise will be seen via flashback. Whichever way it happens, the spoiler pretty much assures us, between the lines, that the Freak will make another appearance before season 6 ends this year.

Also, if you look at the cast for 2019’s season 7, Pamela Rabe does not feature. This makes it almost a certainty that she will come and go in season 6, and this time for good.

Cast-list for series 7 (Screen Australia).

Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) is not on the cast list either, so it is assumed that she will be biting the dust in season 6 too. Liz Birdsworth (Celia Ireland) sinking a BBQ fork into her guts would satisfy many – but this is just hopeful speculation on our part.

The spoiler also talks about season 7 only having ten episodes instead of the usual twelve. This is definitive proof that Wentworth will be finishing in 2019.

Regarding Ferguson: the journalists here at Instabamm have been sending emails back and forth, deliberating furiously, and if we were writing Wentworth ourselves, the Freak’s re-emergence would now go one of two ways…

  1. Pamela Rabe has obviously not been cast for the first half of the season, and any appearances or contracts have been kept tightly under wraps. But…if she was cast for the second half of the season (6 episodes), that means she would be written back on our screens next Tuesday for episode 7, to once again be a major conflict point until the final episode. This would also mean that everyone’s favorite psycho could breathe much-needed life into a once-great show that is remarkably weaker because of her absence. This scenario, or something close to it, is the result most superfans yearn for.
  2. She pops up in the final episode of Season 6 – something like the villain popping up at the end of a slasher film. To many fans – Instabamm journalists included – this would come too little too late, and although entertaining, would not really do it for anyone that loves the Freak.

As mentioned in previous articles, Wentworth has been remarkably slower this year, and ratings have dropped substantially. Although the new characters are strong, too many beloved and established characters have been written out, and this has undoubtedly hurt the show.

With the rumors that Wentworth has been axed, and that season 7 will be the last offering, all fellow superfans hope for some redemption. That redemption, hopefully, is in the form of a dirt-encrusted former governor turned inmate who has been keeping a very low profile.

Game of Thrones Instabamm

Maybe this spoiler, besides being a little disappointing, gives all fans some hope?

Our fingers are tightly crossed for some Freak-orientated action very soon.

Feel free to comment below.

Wentworth airs to Australian audiences every Tuesday at 8:30pm on Foxtel.

(Main image via Foxtel).

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